Adverti: theFirst Advertising is a new Bitcoin advertising network that allows users to earn Bitcoin by placing ads on their websites or blogs. It is the first advertising network to facilitate payments in both Bitcoin and USD.

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Disclaimer: Author has worked with Adverti previously 

Adverti officially announced the launch of its new ad platform on August 29, 2015. Founder and CEO of Adverti, Jonas Hals, said he created Adverti to make online advertising more user-friendly and newbie-friendly:

“Bitcoin has an important role in our business model, which makes us unique compared to other advertising networks. There are no other advertising networks which accepts both Bitcoin and USD. We wanted to accept both, so that it would be easy for businesses to approach a Bitcoin audience, without needing to own or know how to use Bitcoin. We also wanted to make sure our customers have the best support we can give them, something most Bitcoin advertising networks fail to do.” – Jonas Hals, CEO Adverti

About Adverti

Adverti dashboard
Adverti offers real-time statistics so you can easily manage your campaigns.

Much like Google Adsense, Adverti can be used by online publishers or webmasters. Users can place snippets of code on their websites or blogs to begin featuring advertisements to site visitors. Adverti’s unique algorithm shows highly targeted ads to site visitors based on their interests.

Advertisers considering Adverti have the option to pay in Bitcoin, USD, as well as a selection of altcoins offered by ShapeShift. Adverti has integrated the ShapeShift API into its platform, so these additional currencies can be directly deposited into its dashboard. The ad network also protects advertisers using an advanced fraud protection system. “Each and every click goes through our click fraud detection system more than 3 times, each time with a new set of variables it checks,” Hals states.

Replacing the Traditional Payment Model

As a Bitcoin enthusiast, Hals says it was crucial to implement Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into the ad network to meet the rising demand for digital payments. Hals states, “We see Bitcoin as the future for online payments. The fact that we can instantly send and receive Bitcoin with low overheads makes it better for us and our customers. Our publishers are able to have their funds withdrawn directly to their wallet in a matter of minutes, which is clearly a step forward from old bank transfers or cheques.”

Using Bitcoin for payments allows Adverti to pay its publishers quickly and take advantage of Bitcoin’s low transaction fees. In fact, Adverti is able to pay its publishers in BTC daily. That’s a stark contrast to other ad networks which normally pay bi-weekly or once per month. Additionally, there is no bank account needed to cash a check or receive direct payment.

These are some of the benefits responsible for the uprise in digital currency adoption. The traditional model, although still widely used, is highly antiquated. Even the largest ad network, Google Adsense, still only offers traditional fiat payments.

Implementing innovative payment options is just one of the ways Adverti plans to position itself as the leading Bitcoin advertising network. Hals states,”We have a lot in store for Adverti, and we will keep up with the demands from both our advertisers and publishers. Currently, we are exploring new areas of expansion and we plan to offer mobile advertising features, an affiliate program and CPA.”

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