Alt Conventionin Georgia;

If you are interested in emerging financial technologies, then Alt Convention will be something that should be on your radar if it is not already.With 350 tickets already sold, the three-day convention covering topics in business, finance, and technology with an emphasis on FinTech Innovation will be located in Georgia; facilitating the conduction of business.

Ranked 15th out of 189 countries for ease of doing business, Georgia boasts a stable, growing economy with forward-thinking leadership, in the heart of an emerging market that is rapidly becoming a hub for developers and entrepreneurs.

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Akin to the PayExpo that occurred in London, Bitcoin technologies like the blockchain are connecting with the FinTech audiences, as the potential for Bitcoin to innovate the way payments are made is limitless.

Alt Convention events will address ways that Bitcoin, next-generation blockchain, and other FinTech developments can disrupt various sectors such as law and finance while exploring growth opportunities around the world, especially in emerging markets like Asia and Eastern Europe.

Over the course of the three-day event, numerous well-known speakers will be attending which includes the following:

  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos – Bitcoin Evangelist, author, and entrepreneur
  • Jonas Kjellberg – Co-creator of skype/Co-founder of Gear Up Ventures
  • Adam Krellnstein as well as Evan Wagner on the belahf of Counterparty


And much more. More speakers are listed on the website, with speakers being added to the list as the months pass by.

Geared toward business owners, innovators, entrepreneurs, developers, government officials, venture capitalists, and anyone else with an interest in new financial technologies, the event will feature hands-on workshops, conference sessions, round-table discussions, panels, an exhibit hall, networking events, cultural performances, and a hackathon.

The convention is expected to be high-profile, with several government officials attending. Ticket presale numbers are at 350 and counting, so they are expecting a sizeable turnout.

With 350+ tickets already sold in advance of its initial major marketing push, Alt Convention expects to draw over 2500 attendees. Several government officials from the region including representatives from the Georgian and Ajara Ministries of Finance and Economy will be in attendance along with CEOs from several regional banks.

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