Anonymous BitcoinWhale Injects

Anonymous Bitcoin Whale Injects $1 Million into Blockchain Fund

Blockchain investment fund Roobee has reportedly received an injection of USD 1 million in Bitcoin from an anonymous investor. The investor left Roobee a cryptic message: “In Roobee I Trust”.

What makes things stranger is that this is the second time it has received such an unexpected windfall from anonymous investors. In an earlier investment round, Roobee received USD 4.5 million from a person who claimed to be a cryptocurrency trader who had made USD 200 million a month in crypto trading. In total, this means that the fund has now raised USD 5.5 million in capital.

Roobee released a statement today when its second Bitcoin whale had surfaced, with founder Artem Popov saying:

“I am delighted that another crypto whale has been invested in Roobee, which has been developing in the crypto industry for many years and has an influence on it. The recognition of such experienced and long-time participants of this market confirms that Roobee has great potential for development and that our team can truly turn the world of investment around for the better!”

Barely a year and a half old, Roobee launched as an investment platform for retail investors and traders to buy and sell digital assets. In 2018, it received a regulatory license to provide a number of cryptocurrency investment services in Estonia. According to its own information, they have some 5,000 customers investing around USD 15 million in various blockchain projects.


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