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With innovative features like B.Y.O.E and “Project X”, ARAWR isn’t your run-of-the mill mining company. If your looking for up to a terahash of cloud mining at a competitive rate, consider ARAWR.

1. What sparked the idea of your company?

I started mining back in 2010, and have been addicted ever since. I guess you could say that this is what started the idea for

2. History of Development?

We started off rather humbly mining with a few GPU’s in my living room. The wife hated that. So much noise, and heat. We could literally heat our home in the dead of winter, which hit -40 f this year for more than a week straight! Our heating bill was quite low! :)

After the “home” mining we moved the hardware, then mining SCRYPT currencies, to our current location at my office. Made for better relations at home and a lower power bill. Although I do miss the extra warmth they gave off.

Currently, I am looking at a few properties around my home that are best suited for a “Green” Data-center setup. Solar panels/Wind Generator’s, the works!

As far as development (Software) goes, we are working with stratum proxy developer’s to innovate new solutions to mining companies like ARAWRMC. Allowing more features that are pool friendly and resource kind.

Right now the scope of stratum proxies is limited at best. You have a choice between only a few stratum proxy servers that have no functions for load balancing, split worker hashrate’s, etc… This is the area I am focusing some R&D to.

3. What makes you different from other cloudmining companies?

Price for one. We are very competitive in our pricing, some of the most affordable rates on the “net”. Proactive – we’re aiming for a few events featured in August and September that I hope will change how the general populous views Crypto-currencies as a whole.The event’s are secret “hush hush” at the moment, but in a week or two I’ll be dropping the news to everyone.

We also offer a new way of cooling the hosting location which I know for a fact that no one else is using. It’s called “Project-x”. It allows us to cool our main room with nothing more than a single 800 CFM exhaust fan, commonly found in clean room applications, to cool the whole room. I’m looking at getting a patent for the Project-x” cooling system in the next month and plan to allow others to mod the technology used o server their needs.

Lastly, Arawr Mining Company allows you to choose what pool you are mining on. We use the software that these ASIC miner manufacture’s give to balance the workload to where there can be no monthly out of pocket expense. Allows the customer to buy the miner, have us set it up at our location, and start mining, all without being charged one big lump sum fee.

We charge a 20% rate (down to 15%  at the moment *on-sale*) that is charged by the above stated process. This is similar to a “dev” fee you would see on some mining software on the market today. It’s simple and automatic.

4. I’m looking at your site and seeing the B.Y.O.E tab. Could you explain that?

B.Y.O.E. ” Bring Your Own Equipment” is a saying I heard while running Counter strike tournaments back in the day. Simply put, you send us your hardware, we charge the 20% fee (down to 15%  at the moment *on-sale*), your equipment mines for you at your pool of choice.

5. Current Status?

We’re going full bore! everything on the site is all setup, support page is active, sales are active, ready for customers.

6. How do you manage Bitcoin?

The only “currency” we manage is the one that is mine via the 20% fee. When the customer mines at their specified pool, they can declare what their currency address is to payout to per the pool’s settings page. Making the payments process to our customer’s simple, and up to them.

7. Future Development Status?

“Project-xx” is being worked on heavily, besides managing the store and my chicken farm, it takes up most of my time. I’m always trying to find new ways of increasing the cooling power, while maintaining lower power costs.

Other than that, I have a developer working on a project in-tandem with our event next month. Very exciting stuff to say the least!

7a. Will other popular algorithms be available for cloud mining soon?

This I can assure you will be in the future. A date though is unknown. This is due in part that Scrypt ASIC mining has gone from a few Mhs speed per miner to almost a full GHS speed in less than 2 months!

It’s like the start of the Bitcoin mining ASIC’s all over again. The other Algo’s require power hungry GPU’s that in the area I’m in don’t sell very fast, and while they do hold their market value better than ASIC’s, they use more hardware (Motherboard, RAM, HDD/USB Thumb drive). This leads to a higher cost on my end, and the customer’s end as well.

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