Bali BitcoinBinge (B3)

This November, 19 bitcoin entrepreneurs are gathering, during four weeks, to live, work, and learn together on the island of Bali, for the first ever Bitcoin Bali Binge. It is a beta test for creating frequent international crypto-retreats, where those crypto enthusiasts working to help the world catch up with the tech can flock together and you can join them if you like!B3_article_meetup1_Bitcoinist

The whole idea is to spend four weeks in a networking adventure, while building awesome world changing projects in paradise and with the contribute of all. Between deliciously healthy cuisine, ceremonies with the locals, mountain climbs, yoga sessions, rice field walks, and some of the world’s best surfing spots; the event will bring the participants closer to learn from each other’s unique fields of expertise and work together to grow each other’s projects, and perhaps develop new ones.
This way the minds behind Bali Bitcoin Binge are trying to introduce an alternative and enjoyable way of meeting up and learn with each other.

The hosts and Bali Bitcoin Community B3 members:

Gary Dykstra
Head Bitcoiner in Bali; Runs BTC Filter; Runs Consensus Reality that helps local businesses launch w/ BTC

Eddy Azar
Growth Hacker Freelancer for BTC & Completely Unbanked

Stamen Gorchev
Bitcoin-famous in Bulgaria, made all ATMs into BTC ATMs; Founded; Founded Crypto.bgB3_article_hosts_Bitcoinist

There haven’t been many events like this and up till now, bitcoiners have either meet because they happen to be in the same town, or at crypto-conferences. So the organizers thought to arrange something exquisite and never done before.
Bali is one of the world’s most famous destinations for tropical adventure; the participant will be spending four weeks living in the luxury Bitcoin Villa in the heart of Ubud: an international town famed for its yoga culture, delicious healthy foods, gorgeous scenery, and a wildly creative community. Also famed for its affordability, as participants will be able to have expertly prepared meals at an average of $8 USD with drink included.

How participants will spend their time?

The organizers have prepared delicious healthy meals, yoga, dancing, and meditation sessions and adventures such as diving, paragliding, rock climbing, hiking & biking, and mountain climbing along with some more activities. Participants will be able to choose among these various activities
There will also be programmed surfing and beach days and participations in local ceremonies. Besides all this, the participants will also be able be wandering through the endless picturesque rice fields and tropical beaches.
The organizers have chosen November for this event; it’s the perfect time of year because tourists are gone, but the weather is still amazing.

The B3 host, Gary Dykstra, and his community outreach Bitcoins in Bali and social experiment, Bali is home to a booming Bitcoins community of over 450 members, and more than 30 local businesses accept bitcoin so if you will be able to pay for praticaly anything with your BTC:
Local BTC businesses:

Bitcoin ATMs
Taxi services
Hotels, hostels, and homestays
Villa rentals
Self improvement retreats
Printing shops
Hammock stores
Tour services
Jewelry boutiques
Legal consultancies
Grocery delivery services
Co-working spaces

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet the local bitcoin entrepreneurs and check out the bitcoin businesses on the island.

If you join this magnificent adventure you will spend four weeks with amazing like-minded world-changers, trading methods and philosophies on becoming incredibly productive and disruptive as you work on your own and each others’ projects.
You’ll get to learn from everyone’s expertise and future vision for cryptocurrencies, and get a chance to share your own with the whole crew.B3_article_meetup_Bitcoinist

From there participant will agree to go as deep as you want into each other’s initiatives, exploring one on one with the founder over coffee. You can even dive in and help them build it, or vice versa.
The Whole idea is to gather only the highest quality and most inspiring crypto entrepreneurs; to learn and build world-changing things together in paradise, and enjoy ourselves as much as possible in the process. Each participant is a part of at least one growing crypto venture, has a honed set of valuable and shareable skills, and is ready to disrupt the world as we know it, to form it into something even more amazing.

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