Beat CyberMonday, Save

Savvy seasoned shoppers know to skip the black friday shopping mayhem for the relaxed comfort of shopping from their home on cyber monday. Cyber monday is the day online shopping skyrockets through the roof. According to Adobe Systems 2013’s Cyber Monday saw an increase of 16% from 2012 to an astonishing record $2.29 Billion in sales. (USA Today)

This year, shoppers will not have to wait for Cyber Monday to get crazy discounts on their online purchases. With bitcoin, shoppers can save up to 25% shopping online with Amazon starting NOW.

That’s right, anything you can buy on Amazon, you can buy with bitcoin at a great discount. and other savvy consumers were made aware of this by Roger Ver, a prominent Bitcoin evangelist and investor, with a post on his facebook page.


Get A Discount Now

Very simple process to getting an awesome Cyber Discount BEFORE Cyber Monday.

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoins can be purchased

  • on Coinbase via your bank account
  • using Circle via internet
  • or LocalBitcoins via your friendly neighbor for a peer-to-peer cash transfer

Step 2: Spend Bitcoin

Go to

Step 3: Check Out With More Money In Your Pocket!

Done! Simple as that you have saved 15-25% on your purchases using bitcoin. Stay tuned for a video review on my personal shopping experience using and Bitcoin!

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