Belgium Preparesfor Ghent

The Ghent Bitcoincity event is almost here, and the time has come to give one last overview of what the organizers have in store for us tomorrow. At this point in time, we know there will be two walking routes to choose from, both of which will take you past the biggest retailers. It will undoubtedly be a fun day with lots of like-minded people to put Belgium on the global Bitcoin map.

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While most of the participating retailers are in relative proximity to one another, a few of them are located on the “outer edge” of the original walking route, which is why the Ghent Bitcoincity team decided to split them up. It should be easy enough to cover all places of both routers in the same day, as long as bring your walking shoes.

With nearly 30 retailers participating in the Ghent Bitcoin initiative tomorrow, there will be a lot of people to meet, places to visit, and bitcoins to spend. Hopefully more retailers will be added in quick succession once the event is over, as it is bound to gain a lot of mainstream media attention here in Belgium.

 Media Attention

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Not only has Bitcoinist — along with other crypto news sites — been actively covering the preparations of Ghent Bitcoincity, but the Belgian media has also shown a positive interest in the project. Given the fact that Bitcoin is still relatively unknown in Belgium at this point, such an event could prove to be a huge stepping stone for Bitcoin adoption in the country.

Belga, Belgium’s main news agency for both domestic and foreign news, recently published the official Ghent Bitcoincity press release, which in turn got picked up by nearly all major newspapers across the country. But that was only the beginning, as Ghent Bitcoincity has received a spotlight on national television as well, during the popular show “Terzake.”

Bitcoin Education En Route

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The main goal of Ghent Bitcoincity is not just to unite Bitcoin shoppers and retailers, but also to create a precedent for Bitcoin education in Belgium. As we have seen in recent months and years, people don’t properly comprehend the idea of Bitcoin and why it has the potential to change all of our lives for the better.

Most people outside the Bitcoin community seem to only care about the Bitcoin price. Initiatives such as Ghent Bitcoincity will try to rectify that issue by educating people on Bitcoin, and letting them share stories with retailers and Bitcoin enthusiasts as they walk along the Satoshi and/or Nakamoto routes tomorrow.

Bitcoinist will bring you coverage of the Ghent Bitcoincity in the days to come, so make sure to visit our site again soon!

Source: Ghent Bitcoincity Skype Chat

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