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Bet King was a big year for 2015, with many significant events occurring last year. Pocket Rockets Casino rebranded to what we now know as Bet King, increased their game offerings, and had the biggest bet placed in the Bitcoin gambling industry. One of the largest achievements, however, is that Bet King paid out over $15 million to users.

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Bet King Being operational since 2013, Bet King has been leading the Bitcoin industry due to their provably fair games, loyal customer support, and generous payouts. Bet King can do this thanks to a crowdfunded bankroll, which has 3000 Bitcoin in it currently, reaching peaks of around 5000 Bitcoin.

This large bankroll allows users to have the chances of winning extraordinarily high payouts, up to $116,335 in a single bet. The largest win in 2015 went to the user of “Nameless”, raking in 200 Bitcoin ($87,800 USD at the time) after placing a bet of 433.9 Bitcoin with a 67.8% chance to win; the bet occurred on July 19th of 2015.

Another exceptional win went to a player named “Valermos”, winning around 90 Bitcoin after placing a .256 BTC bet on dice, with a multiplier of 350x. With only a chance of 0.2828%, Bet King named this the “Luckiest Big Win” of 2015.

2016 proves to be an exciting year for Bet King as well, with expectations of new records to be made this year. Other plans include deploying a new betting exchange, returning the online poker feature, as well as expanding the casino game portfolio.

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