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The Betcointech founders first heard about bitcoin in early 2013 and bought their first bitcoins in the middle of 2013 right before the price went to $1000 and above. After purchasing their first coins, Oron an Eilon came to believe that Bitcoin could be the perfect solution to everything!

Betcointech strongly believes in the blockchain. Betcointech_article_3_BitcoinistOron Barber and Eilon Arad feel that the blockchain technology will be adopted by a vast number of institutions such as banks, because Bitcoin can be totally anonymous and transparent simultaneously, whereas banks afford neither privacy nor transparency.

Oron and Eilon established Coinpoint in order to give the perfect turnkey solutions to bitcoin corporations and companies. They aim to provide solutions for internal and external marketing services. Coinpoint serves not only gambling brands, but also other areas such as bitcoin mining, trading, and other Bitcoin operations, providing the best options in SEO, PPC, Media, and internal marketing services.

With Betcointech, operators can choose whether they want to add bitcoin as a separate currency or whether they really want to have a standalone brand and fully integrate Bitcoin into their gambling services.Betcointech_article_2_Bitcoinist

The fact that this industry is still new gives a lot of opportunities for first-time operators to get their share of the huge bitcoin market. Most existing operations decided to take bitcoin as the main brand, saving them lots of costs. Bitcoin’s lack of regulation allows operators to run their businesses without hiring compliance teams, which creates a lot of overhead.

Bitcoin and online gambling work well together since players can take preserve their anonymity and take advantage of the “Provably Fair” concept. This concept allows players to verify all bets, maintaining fairness and transparency in the the gaming process. Betcointech_article_1_Bitcoinist

The Bitcoin technology has already proven to be an excellent tool for online gaming, and this industry seems to be flourishing at full pace. Now, every day we see gambling sites being drowned into cryptocurrency while Bitcoin continues its path to be a worldwide mainstream currency.

Do you think bitcoin will overcome traditional currencies as the preferred currency used for online gambling? Let us know on the comments below!

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