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It seemed with the ability to earn Bitcoin through selfies, buy bitcoin through a well designed exchange, and the ability to remit to the Philippines using bitcoin, Miguel had it pretty good over at Satoshi Citadel Industries, or SCI. Today I talked to them about Bills.Ninja, a service that allows people to pay for bills in the Philippines using Bitcoin. All bills are promised to be paid with in 24 hours, and only a PhP 30  fee per bill is required.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about what BillNinja is?

Bills Ninja is a bills payment service that we have established in the Philippines for people who want to pay their bills with bitcoin without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Another great application of is that people can now also pay their bills from anywhere in the world, without having to worry about transferring money and paying hefty fees.

2.  I understand keeping it simple and clean for people new to Bitcoin so the y could use it easily was a big concern. How did you come about that?

By creating this sort of cartoon character (his name is Bitoy, a common Filipino nickname), we wanted the service to have a kind of mass appeal and seem accessible to everybody. The “Ninja” aspect stems from the idea that Bitoy pays bills so fast, without anyone seeing him, and very efficiently. Like a ninja, basically :)

3. Now you have quite a wide portfolio when it comes to Bitcoin services. What’s next?

Bills Ninja seemed like a natural addition to the services we provide, since we believe that the best way to drive bitcoin adoption is to find ways for people to use it conveniently. actually really falls under our payment processing service since it provides a similar service for payments but this time, for basic bills payments. What’s next is further development and expansion of all our ventures, and making sure we keep hitting our targets and pushing our out more applications for Bitcoin in the Philippines.

4. How is BillsNinja currently? is doing great. We’re seeing more people trying it out everyday. Personally I use it now for all my bills. It works great and provides added convenience plus it saves time too.

5. What are some future plans for BillsNinja?

Future plans are still focused on refining the experience and expanding the services that it can pay for. We want it to become the go-to bills payment service for locals and Filipinos who are abroad as well.

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