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Kraken, a popular bitcoin exchange, has announced that they will be redesigning their website as the exchange comes closer to implementing margin trading.

Kraken seeks to make their website more intuitive and friendly to newer users. The company will be focusing on making their design simpler and making it easier sign up to and learn how to trade on the website.

The new design is set to implemented in “the next few days.”


The company will be removing the “monster” login, which generated an unique image of a monster for every IP address. Before you logged in, by looking at the monster image and making sure it matched the image you had before, you were able to see whether you were logging in from a secure connection.

Despite being a security improvement, the feature has proven to cause “more confusion than benefit for the majority or our clients.”

First time users of the exchange will be greeted with a new video explaining the website. The video will hope to educate new users how to navigate the website and use the exchange’s trading instruments properly.

The company will also be changing the overall design of website to make it more approachable and less complicated. In a preview of the new design, the front page of the website features a simple image of blue and yellow smoke plumes. The new front page is less crowded than the current one, which displays numerous metrics of the bitcoin market and a large text reading, “Forex meets Bitcoin Exchange.”

The website will also be changing “Market Data” segment of the website to “Charts.”

A new tab will also be added to the website, margin trading. But according to Kraken’s blog post on the subject, that doesn’t mean “that margin trading will be available when the new site first launches, but it does mean that margin trading will be available very soon.”

What is your take on Kraken’s new design?

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