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BitPay has announced that they have integrated with Xsolla, a well-known billing platform that helps game developers monetize and improve conversion. Big gaming companies like Twitch have also started accepting bitcoin as a reliable in-game payment method. In this revolutionary move Bitpay and Xsolla ensured that Bitcoin will be available for gamers everywhere.

Xsolla & BitPay

Xsolla & BitPay

According to Bitcoin Pulse there are more than 100 thousand Bitcoin transactions made daily. “As such it is an ideal time for Xsolla and its partners to embrace Bitcoin for in-game payments”, a representative told Bitcoinist.  However Xsolla isn’t the first to opt for Bitcoin. A number of other gaming companies have made the same decision. One of these other companies is Bigpoint Games. They did a test run with BitPay last year, which was a huge success. Bigpoint Games is planning to add bitcoin payments to the highly anticipated Game of Thrones game because of earlier successes with Bitcoin implementation.

Bitcoin makes in-game purchases more efficient and secure than ever before. Traditional payment methods like credit cards are not always able to support these types of purchases like Bitcoin can. With credit cards you always have an extra surcharge or some hidden fee of some kind. That is something you do not have when using Bitpay or using Bitcoin. Add to that a super-fast transaction time which makes Bitcoin a very popular payment method.

Now for those who do not know Bitpay I give a quick introduction. BitPay is the global leader in Bitcoin payment processing. We have offices throughout North America, Europe, and South America. Our company has raised over $32 million from top investors including Index Ventures, Founders Fund, and Sir Richard Branson.” says Sonny Singh who is VP of Sales at BitPay.

Xsolla is designed to seamlessly integrate payments into the gaming process. Some readers who play online games on occasion have probably heard of “micro payments“. That is one of our branches that we are active in. Our partnership with BitPay enables us to bring Bitcoin payments to game developers, extending their purchasing freedom.



Another added bonus is that Bitcoin is rapidly becoming the currency of tomorrow. We also have had questions of gaming community and the game developers alike concerning Bitcoin. Now with Xsolla’s worldwide adoption of Bitcoin, it will enable players in the most remote places to make in-game purchases. As we all know Bitcoin payments are an easy way to complete transactions faster than ever before, thus allowing seamless user experience for gamers.

Some people might not know of our company, so I will give a short introduction. If you want to know more, please feel free to visit our website. Xsolla is a global payment services company providing customized  solutions for online games. Xsolla adds value to partners with easy and simple integration, robust and enhanced user experiences, fraud protection, charge back management, and higher paid conversions” says Oleg Poskotin, VP of Finance at Xsolla.

We at Bitcoinist can only applaud this recent move. Like many other in the digital community we are saying that Bitcoin and games are a match made in heaven. A direct result of this step will be that it will push Bitcoin out of its current fluctuation, if done correctly. However Bitcoin is fairly new and change is coming but very slowly. We have to wait and see what the future holds.

Now what does this mean for the gamers? They can very quickly purchase items in-game items, boosts, etc. with Bitcoin. The security is ensured by both Bitpay and Xsolla, which is saying a lot. Bitpay has rock solid security in place and from what we hear Xsolla has nearly the same exact heavy duty security.


What do you think of Xsolla and BitPay teaming up?

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