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Bravenewcoin, a company I’ve talked to in the past, was all about giving the end user the most amount of information over a variety of cryptocurrencies, and using powerful tools to compare them.

While for people that have holdings in cryptocurrency this may be useful, what about people that just want to get into Bitcoin? This is where comes in, allowing easy access to market data and more regarding Bitcoin.

1. For those that don’t know, can you tell us a little bit about BraveNewCoin?

BNC aims to be a cross between and yahoo or google finance.

We collect market data from all possible exchanges to capture an accurate picture of the Bitcoin & many Altcoins market activity.

Our data is the most comprehensive price-discovery mechanism available for Crypto-Currencies, and we are working hard to create useful tools and services out of this data.

As many have noticed, there is a massive disparity between different ‘indexes’ in the price and volumes they display. We collect about 10x more data than most ‘indexes’ and for many altcoins too, in an attempt to offer the world an accurate & stable foundation to build products and services on top of. Our plan for monetization is to build the first ‘killer apps’ on top of this market data ourselves.

 2. What do you plan on doing with was created to offer the world a natural tool for Bitcoin Information – especially the current price and market info. There is an appetite from the financially aware for quality market data in this space, and since we have all this data, will serve as a portal for accessing goods and services around this market data.

For now, we simply offer the only source for a reliable price and volume figures for Bitcoin + our free API for anybody to use. New features will be rolled out as they become ready.

3. How do both of these serve to benefit each other? is extensive. You can drill right down to the LTC/doge marketplace or go view profiles on any exchange and basic info about Bitcoin + relevant news. is going to be less in-depth and more of a portal. Once our portfolio manager is ready – you will log-in through to access such services.

4. What may cryptocurrency users use this website for?

Everybody wants to know the market movements and news about his or her favorite cryptocurrency, right? We collect all our data and track every exchange that lists the coins we track.

This gives users accuracy and depth otherwise unavailable elsewhere. With the rise of crypto-equity or crypto-crowd-sales, we will be monitoring and reporting any real-world assets that are ‘blockchain-ized’ too. Think of it as typing in a stock code into google and seeing the charts news feed that comes up at the top of the results.

5.  Any future features to be on the lookout for?

1) We are trying to roll out our directories. A global map of retailers that accept Bitcoin. Something with a user-interface that is easy to use, while being more in-depth than what’s current available.

2) We will be rolling out reports and analysis that are far more comprehensive than anything else available. This should be of interest to institutional investors, and I think many people will not expect it.

3) Lastly – there’s a reason I’ve been talking about a portfolio manager for almost 11 months now with no definite time-frame of release. It is because I like to do things right. The interface of this SaaS product will be 2nd to none. It is going to be better than what half the world is using to track their traditional stocks and bonds.

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