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Dell was among the very first major companies to experiment with Bitcoin payments at an early stage. Over the years, a fair amount of Bitcoin users have been using digital currency to pay for their Dell orders, but it looks like the company has removed to pay in BTC altogether. Earlier this year, various Reddit users had reported similar issues when paying in Bitcoin.

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As soon as major companies started accepting Bitcoin, the entire digital currency ecosystem received a tremendous boost. Community members were over the moon regarding the news of Dell accepting Bitcoin payments, even though the service is only available to customers in the United States.

In recent times, however, it has become pretty much impossible to complete Bitcoin payments on the Dell website. Trouble started brewing earlier this year when a report surfaced on Reddit regarding a user not being redirected to a Bitcoin payment page after confirming their order and clicking on “Pay By Bitcoin”.

At first, it was assumed the error could have been on the side of Coinbase, as the company is responsible for handling all Bitcoin transactions.  Coinbase even launched an investigation into the matter, but no official reason was disclosed regarding this incident. The topic is still open to this very day, and several users have reported similar issues.

Earlier today, a new report has surfaced regarding the same problem, and Coinbase is still none the wiser after weeks of looking into this issue. It is safe to assume the reason for this error is not on the side of Coinbase, but it rather looks like is no longer accepting Bitcoin payments for an unknown reason.

Dell still has the “Pay By Bitcoin” option listed during their checkout process, so the company hasn’t given up on Bitcoin payments altogether just yet. However, if customers are unable to pay using Bitcoin for weeks on end now without as much as an official acknowledgement by Dell, something is brewing behind the scenes.

Two days ago, a different Reddit user allegedly spoke with Dell support, and they were going to address the website issue in the next few days. According to the information provided, the matter should be resolved later today, but it remains to be seen whether or not this will the case.

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Luckily, there is still an alternative available to Bitcoin users wanting to purchase Dell items., the online platform to buy goods at discounted prices with Bitcoin, can be used to purchase any Dell offerings from Amazon. Some of the most-sought items are listed on Amazon, although their selection is not as varied as the official listings on

Hopefully, will be able to sort the Bitcoin payment issue sooner rather than later. It is rather worrying how they left this matter unresolved for multiple weeks despite earlier customer complaints. Some people ay blame the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at that time, but regarding customer support, the situation is less than ideal.

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