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With 2015 getting ever closer, many of us are creating our “good intentions” list. The top 3 on these lists usually involve losing weight, quitting cigarettes, or trying to be more optimistic. For those of us that have been laid off or have our contracts cancelled, finding a job is probably on the “good intentions list” as well.

If you like digital currency and all things that revolve around Bitcoin, why not make a job out of something you love? Now, where do you find these kinds of crypto jobs?  There are numerous places where you can find job openings.

The first place you can find job listings is on forums like Bitcointalk. These jobs are listed under the “marketplace” tab, then in the “services” subforum. You can find programming, mining, promotional, and marketing jobs.

There are also job postings on Reddit. This has the same work method as the Bitcointalk forum. Though handy, I prefer the Bitcointalk forum or the more “professional” sites. Don’t get me wrong, Reddit is great and all but for jobs you usually shouldn’t go looking at Reddit boards.

A second place you might want to look are the “professional” job sites. By “professional” job sites I mean sites that only focus on listing job opportunities for Bitcoin companies, rather than individuals advertising for odd-jobs. There are a couple of them out there that give pretty good listings and that aren’t scams, which is always a concern these days.

There are some good Bitcoin job boards out there that have fairly good job listings. One of these Bitcoin sites is Coinality. You can register for free and upload your resume. You can choose if your resume and your qualifications will be visible for potential businesses or not. The rest is self-explanatory and the site is very easy to use for applicants and businesses alike.

Another one of these sites is called Bitgigs. It does the same thing as any other job board, but this one looks more like a hobby site for the Bitcoin enthusiast. Most of the listings on this site are like this: “Hey there, I have time and I can convert your photos (black and white/colour) to real life for  a certain amount of BTC.” You can also post your skills and allow employers to find you, but I think it makes the site less professional. Nevertheless, it is worth checking out because it may give you some great ideas.

Yet another job site that looks more like a combination of a job board and a professional site, which I personally like. This site is called Bittask. It has the same principle as the “professional” ones with the options “I am seeking work,” or “I’m creating a job opening/I need something,” for a specified amount of Bitcoin. What I like about this site is that you can also search for jobs based on how much they pay, since every job opening created there is required to list a pay rate.

Sites like these are being created on a rapid pace, which shows that job creation and the digital currency in general are growing. Now, which of these sites are the best?  That is for you to decide, because it is more of a personal thing. I haven’t tested every single one but the ones that I have tested were Coinality and Bitcointalk.

The others I haven’t tested yet but I probably will do it in the near future. It is also on my “2015 to do list”. I would encourage everyone to take a look at the sites and if something catches your eye, respond to it. Who knows maybe you will be working for Kraken, Bitpay or maybe we will be seeing you at one of the 2015 congresses as representative of a new start-up.

We at Bitcoinist want to wish all our readers a happy 2015. What do you think about jobs in the crypto sector? Would you consider going to work in the sector, or are you already hard at work in the digital currency sector? Let us know, we love to hear from you!

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