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The industry of online gambling entertainment is being revolutionized. For some time already, it has been in the process of undergoing vital changes. At first glance, these changes do not seem to be in plain view, as everything positive about online casino games you’ve got so used to in the intervening months and years is still there. Still, it has become more advantageous and even more convenient to play, all thanks to Bitcoin – the digital currency based on the block-chain technologies.

Yes, nowadays the number of entertainment websites offering BTC as the primary (and, as in case with many of them, the only) means of payment. What can be the main reason for that?

bitcoin-gambling-bitcoinistAs a matter of fact, there are at least several good reasons behind Bitcoin conquering the gambling industry, and not just for the businesses themselves. BTC has something really worthy to offer also to players and affiliates. But let us speak about the benefits for Bitcoin casino, sportsbook and poker room operators first. There’s no reason probably for them to think twice before introducing payments in Bitcoin on their websites. Before everything else, Bitcoin enables gambling portal offers to save a whole lot of their money on operational costs and extra expenses, just because they won’t have to pay any fees to payment processors any more. With Bitcoins, these fees (which are literally minimal) are passed to their customers, i.e. players. Then, BTC is capable of solving the problem of charge-backs entirely and permanently, as Bitcoin transactions are final and cannot be reversed. This alone is again a great possibility to save hundreds of dollars monthly. Just how wonderful this is? But there’s something even more convincing. With the help of Bitcoins operators can get a steady surge of Bitcoin casino game enthusiasts residing in states where online gambling for real money is banned willing to give you their BTCs in exchange for the access to Bitcoin casino games they love so much.

There’s also something to offer to affiliate marketers as well. Speaking of money-saving, Bitcoin sets them free from banking fees and necessity to exchange the commissions they receive in USD or EUR into their domestic currencies – nowadays, BTC is becoming an almost universally accepted means of payment. Even Microsoft started to accept Bitcoins in December 2014. Additionally, they will get their commissions instantaneously, without having to wait for days and weeks for the payments to be completed. And – what is also worth mentioning – the transactions are 100% transparent for both parties, although the payment data does not contain any personal or contact details. The option to become an affiliate should now definitely be considered by those to whom it may concern.

And now, last but not least, the largest stakeholder group, the players themselves. Aside from the availability of Bitcoin casino websites in any Internet-connected location, regardless of the country, as well as the long-awaited payment anonymity, players get a whole bunch of benefits and advantages. Just unlike in case with ‘traditional’ wire transfers, with Bitcoin the transaction fees are as minimal as they can possibly be (in some Bitcoin casinos there are even zero fees for players). And yes, BTC treats everyone equally, so transactions are instant and fully transparent for the gamblers as well. Plus, you get a special option called ‘provably fair gambling’ meant for letting you verify whether the outcome of the games you play is based entirely on randomly-generated numbers. In other words, Bitcoin gambling enables you to assure yourself of the gameplay fairness on the gaming websites you’re playing on. Fair enough?

With ‘regular’ real-money gambling websites, all that would simply be impossible. But many say that’s just the beginning. So let us all see where Bitcoin’s real limits are – in a year or two, or maybe five?

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