Bitcoin-Trader InvestmentPlatform Review

This article will present an overview of Bitcoin-Trader investment opportunities. Bitcoin-Trader is a digital currency investment management company launched at the end of 2013, offering Bitcoin related investments to the general public.
In April 2013, the Bitcoin-Trader Team decided to develop a business model of its own. As the result Bitcoin Trader was born, with a clear vision to create a company that revolutionizes the way to earn residual income, with the main focus on sustainability, longevity and outstanding customer support.
The company firmly believes in the ingenious technological idea behind Bitcoin and its great future. Bitcoin-Trader commitment in achieving its goal to deliver value to customers across the globe is undeniable. Bitcoin-Trader_logo_Bitcoinist_review

The company currently offers two different investment options to their customers. Based on mining and trading, both of these funds pay out the share profits on a daily basis, and both require the user to lock the “initial capital investment” as “principal of investment” for a fixed period of time (120 days), but both the returns differ between the two funds. It’s advisable to execute an intimate analysis to the ecosystem before picking one of these two options to see what suits you the most.

Bitcoin-Trader operates on a Share basis for each investment fund and either of these two funds can be purchased using both fiat money and digital currency. The Platform works with three digital currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple. For Fiat payments or withdraws the company uses Perfect Money, OKPay, PexPay, BTC-e and Payeer.

Bitcoin-Trader as fixed a daily exchange rate for digital currencies which applies to both deposits and withdrawals. All the investments funds are denominated in USD, so if the customer deposits a digital currency it will be automatically converted to USD and added to the owner balance. The profits are paid based on the USD balance measured in Shares. The site offers a very good hedging opportunity for Bitcoin holders, but it also carries high risks if the price of Bitcoin rises faster than the value of the fund the initial investment was set upon; but that is a tangible fact of any digital currency investment.

Unike the mining Shares, trading shares have other instances; Bitcoin-Trader delivers the trading fund shares at a minimal $20 price each expiring after 120 days. This means that there is no way for the customer to access the $20 USD investment until after the expiration period, but the user can withdraw the daily payments he receive from the fund’s profits at any given time.

The Trading investment fund is used to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities between different markets and exchanges. Although arbitrage also carries some amount of risk because the market can move more quickly than we are able to make the second of our two matching trades to complete the arbitrage, it is generally considered to be a relatively low risk trading strategy.
The fund tradings are active during regular working hours, so the customer only gets daily payments from Monday to Friday. On the weekends or during bank holidays the fund is frozen or non-active.

The Bitcoin-Trader website advertises returns up to 3% per day for their trading fund, which it seems to be a very fair share so the return on investment should be easily achieved. It is expected a daily profit return in between 0.5% and 1%, with an average of around 0.8% which is really good when compared to any kind of traditional investment returns.

The Bitcoin-Trader Mining fund invests in mining hardware and generates daily returns for its investors. The minimum investment for the mining fund is somewhat higher than the trading fund, at $100 for one share.

Shares in the mining fund last for one year before expiring, and unlike the trading fund you do not get your initial investment back when the share expires. Because mining is more automated and requires less intensive input from human workers, the mining fund pays out every day regardless of weekends and bank holidays. Currently these daily earnings are being advertised on the site as 0.22% per day.Bitcoin-Trader_1_Bitcoinist_review

The user can convert his\her balance between different payment processors, but significant fees can be applied if this option is selected. If the user deposits USD using PexPay and then use them to purchase shares in a fund, the customer returns will be specifically labelled as PexPay USD returns. If the customer decides to withdraw via Bitcoin or OKPay or some other processor, he will have the cost of an 8% charge to complete the transaction.

In relation to the crypto currency ecosystem volatility conditions, we find the trading investment fund to be an excellent option, since the arbitrage conditions of bitcoin trading are quite reliable. The mining investment fund also seems to be one of the best cloud mining options in the market since it really returns the estimated amount.
You can find more information, including comparison tables for the two funds, on the Bitcoin-Trader website. You can also follow the company twitter account for daily updates on profits and information about other Bitcoin trading opportunities.

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