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Bitcoin Expo 2015 London

The CryptoEvents team brings BitcoinExpo conference into London , on the 24. and 25. Of January 2015. The event brings value to speeches, debates, networking, exhibitions and this time also startups show. It’s exclusively organized for everyone who cares about new technology, crypto users, investors and professionals. An important part of the conference will be dedicated to startups. All attendees have to register for free or with the registration tickets.

For details, registration and ticket prices got to news section.

Bitcoin4Gaming Conference

iGaming Business, organized the first-ever digital currency Gambling conference in November this year. The conference brought the virtual currency world and online gambling together in attempt to eliminate the friction in online gambling payment processing. It also promotes the adoption of digital currencies for online transactions. Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director, Jon Matonis was the special guest. On speaking about the introduction of Bitcoin he said:

In the worst sense, alt-coins are a distraction and they divert attention and resources away from Bitcoin. One good thing about alt-coins is that they can act, as an experimental test bed for new features that may be able to be incorporated into Bitcoin. BTC has incredible potential in the gaming world.

Bitcoin Shop donates to help fight against Ebola

Bitcoin Shop, announced its plan to donate 50% of its economic gross profits to Africare, a non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. Africare is currently fighting the spread of Ebola across the western part of Africa, while helping local health care systems. Charles Allen, CEO of Bitcoin Shop, commented:

As part of the digital currency ecosystem we are happy to help support Africare and its efforts on the ground, working with communities affected by the disease in its fight against the spread of Ebola.

Africare President Darius Mans stated:

We have empowered African communities to overcome disease, time and again. We know that with the right support, West Africans can contain Ebola and prevent future outbreaks, and we are grateful to Bitcoin Shop and its users for their commitment to Africare.

We all hope it will be an efficient cooperation.

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