Bitcoinist NewsBits 06.10.14

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Let me summarize the most significant happenings of the bitcoin market.

1 . Coinify the Leading European Digital Currency Platform

Coinify has managed to get a multi-million capital injection by Danish SEED Capital. It will ensure the continued positioning of Coinify, as Europe’s leading player in the digital currency market. The Company is trying to make it simple for anyone to become part of the ever-growing Bitcoin ecosystem. As the first Bitcoin Company, Coinify secures European venture capital investment to bring digital currencies to mainstream markets.

2. Coin Academy and the College Cryptocurrency Network Team Up

The College Cryptocurrency Network selected Coin Academy as the content provider to bring cryptocurrency education to campuses across the U.S. Under the arrangement, Coin Academy will be providing their original digital currency courses inside the College Cryptocurrency Network. Besides, it will help the CCN source and content. As Coin Academy says: “We are looking to integrate our content with the CCN website as quickly as possible, and hope to have things in place in the next couple of weeks.”

3. Exclusive Interview with Gems

We made an exclusive interview with Gems, a brand new Social Messenger integrated with next generation bitcoin technology. Gems offers mobile experience with fully encrypted and private messaging, and a built in wallet. Every Gems user automatically gets his own wallet, protected by the password chosen on registration.

The social network username is linked to the gems address, making sending & receiving gems and bitcoins as easy as possible. The team is working hard to complete the development of the core features before the pre-sale and the crowd funding platform. And now let’s take a closer look at this great foundation:

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