Bitcoinist NewsBits 13.10.14

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  1. CoinCola is the First Chinese Global Cryptocurrency E-commerce Platform. Their Business model is based on five sections: display of online stores, foreign trade, trading in multisig, online wallets and arbitration support. CoinCola aims to bring crypto currency into every daily life and make global trading easier. The Company offers free access for costumer be able to sell products and open shops. Everyone can sell their products without opening an online shop. International costumers also can rapidly pay and receive their items simply by paying in Bitcoin. We cover the whole story on
  2.  A portuguese company recently launched a new and innovative Bitcoin Teller Machine so local Bitcoiners will be able to easily buy and sell Bitcoins in an ATM in the country city capital, Lisbon. This is a relatively small, well-designed machine with current connection to the Kraken exchange. The Teller is limited to a maximum transfer of 200€ per day and per wallet, and it’s charging a 3% commission over transactions. If you’re interested please read more in our news section.
  3. Overstock has began the designated bitcoin protocol project according to  Patrick Byrne founder and CEO. They are planning to build a digital software, based on the bitcoin protocol which any company could potentially use to issue financial securities over the net. It’s basically implementing the Blockchain technology and the bitcoin protocol in order to displace the traditional third parties who control the world stock markets. This is the beginning of a new era for the bitcoin protocol and for the infinite developments that can be made with this disruptive technology.
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