Bitcoinist NewsBits 14.09.14.

Wheel of Doge is the funniest dogecoin game in the world. Besdies, it allows more privacy and little fees allow companies to accept lower amounts of cryptocurrency. The founders aim, is to represent Dogecoin with something elegant and simple. It has an easy to use affiliate program and ‘Be The Bank’ feature. So earnings go back to players mainly and anything left over goes to further development.

Recently We published a detailed article on, of a great  project.
The Bit Drop project will send Bitcoin to every resident on Dominica, by SMS texting. With a population of over 70,000, this project will create the world’s largest and highest Bitcoin community.
According to the main sponsor Coinapult, this project is designed toincorporate education and opportunities for entrepreneurship. The goal is to give people options when planning to do business locally and globally.

The basic idea behind coingateway is to enable the purchase of merchandise through the use of an altcoin. It’s Instant, No-Registration, Secure, Anonymous and Completely Transparent. Currently it charges a 2.5% fee, which will be reduced to around 0.5% once the transaction volume increases. Coingateway could certainly become the premier site when considering altcoin payments.

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