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BitGive is the first 501(c)(3) US-registered non-profitable charitable foundation. With a mission to improve the public health and environment worldwide, it relies on the Bitcoin community to do just that. One of the ways it funds its many projects is through the annual auction BitGive hosts.

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The online auction that runs until July 22nd  will be the 2nd anniversary in which funds raised help support BitGive in their efforts of demonstrating the social impact of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Items that are available for auction, in partnership with Better World Collective, where provided by donors all across the Bitcoin community which include heavyweights like The Better World Collective enables nonprofits like BitGive to raise money through engaging with donors, help businesses attract and retain customers, as well as allow individuals to give back to the world.

“In addition to striving to improve the quality of life in developing nations, we at Overstock also strongly believe in the empowering nature of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin,” said Overstock CEO Patrick M. Byrne. “It’s satisfying to be supporting both at the same time by working with the BitGive Foundation.”

Even Bitcoin PR Buzz pitched in, with a press release from their networks available for auction. There are many more items available for auction, ranging from other services to foods to tangible physical items.

“People can bid on a wide selection of items like Casascius coins (donated by C4), jewelry (donated by Overstock and independent designers), crypto artwork, autographed Bitcoin books (donated by Zapchain and Purse) and music albums. Services like fundraising consultation, marketing packages, and design work are featured, as well as memberships to the Digital Chamber of Commerce, an exciting getaway in Maui, and other great experiences.”

While all items are eligible to pay with Bitcoin, the auction also accepts traditional payment methods, removing any potentially barring factors.

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