BItMedia Receives$100,000 from

BitMedia, a London-based company, specializing in advertising services for Bitcoin companies recently received a $100,000 investment from a private angel investor.

“Having received a $100 000 investment, BitMedia.IO is on the cutting edge of Bitcoin advertising with many plans to expand in the future. The company’s mission is to provide Bitcoin users with up to date information regarding new services and facilities, committed to the growth of Bitcoin as a fundamentally disruptive technology.”

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While Bitcoin is a solid product, public relationships with a mainstream audience are something that Bitcoin is sorely lacking in if it wants to be adopted by a more global user group. BitMedias mission is to help facilitate this by providing advertising services for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency related services.

“BitMedia.IO’s team strongly believes that the main factors holding Bitcoin back is that it is unknown and misunderstood by many people. Through developing a custom built, cutting edge professional Bitcoin advertising network BitMedia hopes to play a key role in the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and digital currencies.”

BitMedia is a solid pick if you are looking for advertisement of your Bitcoin company and is a cut above the rest due to the fact that their advertising engine, algorithms, and the works have all been built by a team that has experience with Big-Data and High-Load technologies.

“BitMedia.IO’s advertising engine has been coded from scratch and the team has extensive experience in working with Big-Data and High-Load technologies. The main difference between BitMedia.IO and other Bitcoin advertising networks is that BitMedia.IO has been built from scratch by the passionate and experienced team. They have many years of professional experience in both advertising and Bitcoin industries.”

BitMedia does all the heavy lifting for you, only selecting websites that are focused on Bitcoin to bring your advertisement to a targeted audience. With minimum bid prices starting at 0.0001 BTC per click, BitMedia is not only a cost effective service, but one that will get the job done as well.

“BitMedia.IO’s algorithms automatically choose the most effective advertising space, taking into account the history of the impressions, and the interests of each visitor. By running multilayer advanced traffic analysis and proprietary algorithms to supply real and checked visitors only, BitMedia.IO thoroughly choose websites, focused on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular to place ads on.”

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