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Since its launch in November of 2015, over 6000 users now use the platform that offers cutting-edge technology and boasts a 99.9% up time

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BitMinerTo ensure the best mining experience without all of negative aspects like heat and noise that typically come with storing your miners in-house, Bitminer “offers advanced statistics and guarantees a stable hashrate and immediate mining payouts.”

So far, 224,588 GH/S have been purchased, and a total of 22 Bitcoin has been paid out to customers. The mining platform offers flexible scaling, allowing user’s to start with just one gigahash, and buy more as they would like.

Besides being a platform for mining, Bitminer also has an internal trading market, offering trading between Bitcoin and USD with a market wide fee of 0.2%. Bitminer also offers users a “vault” where any Bitcoin is credited 0.25% interest weekly, with interest automatically sent to the users account.

Bitminer also has a generous referral program, with the referrer receiving 1 Gh/s rewarded to their account for every $5 deposited.

Bitminer also has a fully operational mining farm in China, as well as a robust customer support online as well. Next in the pipeline for Bitminer is getting another mining farm online in Italy, as well as a public office assumedly where customers can physically visit.

An account can be made now with minimal downtime. Once set up, users will be able to view all pertinent information from one dashboard, as well as deposit Bitcoin to purchase more mining power. Once bought, the mining power is immediately online, and payouts are shown daily in each profile.

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