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bitcoin, a Bitcoin exchange officially registered in England, has just announced a campaign which will allow users to deposit and withdraw funds with 0% fees. With the fees removed, Bitok is now significantly cheaper for traders in terms of the fees they pay. In addition to BTC trades, Bitok also allows users to trade for Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (Doge) in several different currency pairs (fiat currency and cryptocurrency.)

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Bitok provides multiple options for funding accounts and withdrawing money including wire transfer, Skrill, as well payment systems like OKPay, MoneyPolo, and others. During the campaign, Bitok will also cover the fees of payment methods, which will further reduce fees for traders. OKPay, MoneyPolo, AstroPay, and Wire transfer costs will all be covered by Bitok.

“By cancelling deposit and withdrawal fees, we strive to encourage as many crypto enthusiasts as possible to drive the bitcoin ecosystem and let users enjoy the best experience of using,” Jen Miller, PR Manager at

Bitok aims to become an incredibly reliable and minimal risk trading platform for digital currencies. Currently, Bitok offers several security and payment options, making it easier for the average customer to acquire digital currency. Bitok was launched last September and has since had a great track record in terms of security and user satisfaction. For European users looking to get into Bitcoin, Bitok might be a good option. Over the past few months, there have been several issues with numerous exchanges. The need for reliable and secure trading platforms for cryptocurrency is growing. While regulation is starting to take root, many exchanges (since the wake of Mt.Gox) have adopted security best practices on their own. Since the disaster of Mt.Gox, Multisignature technology has emerged as a staple for business security with Bitcoin. Enhanced Bitcoin security for both personal and business use will become increasingly important as we continue to move forward.


Traders look for a proven track record of security, ease of use, low fees, and good user interfaces when looking for trades. Trading Bitcoin attracts both new traders that don’t know enough about the stock market to trade efficiently there, seasoned vets looking for a new hunting ground, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to trade as a hobby or to make a little bit of profit. Out of the crucial features, security ranks number one, they want to know that their funds are secure. Bitok’s campaign will likely make it a more attractive option for European users.

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