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Bitcoin has gained recognition in the gambling industry due to the benefits it provides both gamers and businesses. its ability to benefit both the user, as well as the business. BitPlay is now aiming to increase Bitcoin’s role in the gaming industry, launching the BitPlay Network.

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BitPlay Today Inc. is a privately held, Boston-based startup that is working to increase mainstream bitcoin adoption by developing mobile games that allow players to compete and win bitcoin. BitPlay launched on April 21, 2015 with three games available on Android: Coin Crusher, Coin Flapper, and Coin Flapper PRO.

 “As a company based upon the Bitcoin economy, we’re using games to make it easier for mainstream consumers to acquire Bitcoin using the micro-transactions approach. Micro-transactions, along with its global and certified transactional capabilities, are two core strengths of the Bitcoin technology that make the BitPlay Network a compelling and unique new gaming platform.”

Coin Crusher is a game where players earn points by rearranging a colorful field of jewels to form three-jewel combinations. In a 40-second flash round, players must score as many points as they can.

Coin Flapper is a game where players must navigate a flapping bird through randomly positioned pillars. A point is awarded for each pillar successfully navigated. The PRO version requires a small entry fee, but the reward for winning increases from 6 bits all the way up to 3,000 bits.

Both games have been in beta since November 2014, with the PRO version of Coin Flapper only starting its open beta period today.

Christopher Hassett, BitPlay’s CEO, said the platform sees more than a million games played every week, with more than 200,000 micro-transactions processed each day. Growth has come mainly through word of mouth. The games are actively being played by consumers around the world in Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Russia and the United States.

When asked for a comment regarding their mission statement over at Bitplay, CEO Christopher Hassett responded,

“We’re taking game formats that everyone knows and likes, and putting them in a competitive environment with the opportunity to win Bitcoin and then to make purchases with the awards through micro-transactions.”

Hassett plans to apply the experience earned through his role as president and CEO at Uproar, Inc., which achieved revenues in excess of $60 million annually. He has experience with venture capitalist funding as well, which are skills that will help BitPlay succeed.

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Videos and featured image courtesy of Bitplay.



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