BTCGigs: BitcoinMarketplace!

BTCGigs is a marketplace, but allows some delivery methods to be instant due Bitcoin’s transfer speeds. BTCGigs is simply a marketplace that exclusively deals with cryptocurrency, allowing people to post services, goods, and even “microjobs”, as they are so called.

1. What is BTCGigs? When did it get started?

You’ve stumbled upon this post on the internet. Perhaps you are interested by the name or just want to know what you can do on BTCGigs.

We are the net’s upcoming Bitcoin Marketplace. You’ve more than likely heard of, if not used, sites like fiverr, Ebay, or Amazon. You’ve probably have heard or used one, we provide basically the same services and the only main difference is how payments are processed. At , the only way to buy or sell items is in BTC or Bitcoin; it is The Bitcoin Marketplace where you can list anything for payment in Bitcoin.

2. How would you say you stack up against other Bitcoin markets/ p2p markets?

We have a variety of features on our Bitcoin marketplace. We allow anyone to register a free account and post almost all types of services or goods.  Everything on the site is currently done through confirmed Bitcoin payments which help prevent charge backs.  Our site offers a reliable alternative to trusting a 3rd  party with transactions.  We also have an affiliate program on our site and you can earn 5% in Bitcoin for every member you refer.  You can easily earn extra Bitcoin with our affiliate program with no active jobs.  We are also currently sharing all of the gigs on our site to our social networks, like Facebook and twitter, for free and offer a low charge featured listing to promote your gigs.

3. Currently, how is business at BTCGigs?

Bitcoin is still developing across the world but at a rapid rate. We aren’t as busy as the well-known marketplaces such as fiverr or Ebay, but continue to see a month after month increase in traffic, new members, and sales on the site. Many people are also donating to the site which is helping to speed up some of our site projects.  BTCGigs will continue to develop and earn the trust of its user one at a time.

4. What are you doing at BTCGigs to maintain as much transparency as possible?

We try to stay as transparent as possible on BTCGigs. We don’t have anything to hide and we publicly show our primary bitcoin address on our site.  We want to be able to share as much about the site as we can while protecting the privacy of the site and its users. All users can see their balance as stated in $USD format while logged into their account and can cash out at any time as long ratings and reviews are positive.

5. I see you have displayed your Bitcoin address used for transactions. Can you explain some of the reasoning behind that?

Yes we have publicly displayed our primary Bitcoin address on the site’s homepage. We really feel being up-front about our business is the way thing should be done.  The display of the Bitcoin address also shows everyone that we have funds available and aren’t trying to just take your Bitcoins. We originally got the idea from Bitcoin Jesus when we first opened the site.

6. What features do you plan on implementing in the future?

We have big plans for the site both in the near future and long term. At the time of this interview we are working on increasing performance across the site and general optimization. We are also working on expanding our social networks. In the near future we will be implementing a change to the theme and general layout of the site.  A few other things we have in the works are video description when listing gigs, flags for users’ country, and a mobile theme for the site. We will also be working on accepting other cryptocurrencies on the site for payments and cash out options. As always we look to the feedback and comments of users in our choice of features.



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