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What would the impact be if people could donate crypto to charities? First and foremost it will be recognition from the charities part that crypto currency is a real currency. It will also portray the average crypto currency user as a “normal human being” that had the brains, the guts and the will to do something different. So the people’s perception will change toward crypto currency users.

This recognition can go both ways. The media picks up on the fact that crypto will be accepted by charities and that it is a good thing. That way the crypto landscape will get some much needed positive media attention. The second possibility, and frankly the more likely, is that the media finds another way to scare people away from crypto. That way the charity “project” will be just that a “project” or a test run. Regardless of the outcome crypto will become more accepted when taking the “charity route”.

In some countries people and companies can get a tax reduction if they give to charity. This can be a win-win for both the charities and the companies/ordinary people that make donations. The problem that can arise with the tax reduction is if crypto will be accepted as a “legal form of donation”. It probably will not be “legal”, or the institutions will not deem it “legal” per se, but there are ways to eliminate that obstacle. For example you can donate “real money”, like dollars or euros, and transfer crypto fund to your bank account.

Sometimes in the media crypto and the users of crypto currencies are being demonized. “They” are evil, shady, child molesting people that use to buy drugs and other horrible things with crypto to infect “our” way of life. That argument can also be raised by “normal” currencies like euro or dollar. Now if you look hard enough in the crypto landscape you will find individuals like that but you can also find these individuals in everyday life.

Red Cross Holiday Campaign Vaccinations

Red CrossHoliday Campaign Vaccinations

Today this is beginning to take shape. BitPay, who is the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor, is supporting the American Red Cross by helping the organization accept Bitcoin donations through a BitPay hosted website. BitPay will be processing the Bitcoin donations without any fees. This allows the Red Cross to receive 100 percent of the Bitcoin donations made using BitPay’s website.

Introducing the American Red Cross to the Bitcoin community is really going to showcase the generosity of the Bitcoin enthusiasts. It is also a great opportunity to show the world that Bitcoin, and the companies that are accepting Bitcoin aren’t bad or shady companies. Furthermore the Bitcoin users are extremely passionate people who are looking to put their bitcoin towards good causes. I’m sure the community will be excited to have such an established charity to donate to”, said Elizabeth Ploshay to Bitcoinist. Miss Ploshay runs the nonprofit outreach for BitPay.

The Red Cross is one of the largest and most recognized humanitarian organizations. The organization has multiple and varying ways for individuals to donate. However this will be the first time they will be accepting Bitcoin donations using BitPay. BitPay also enables Bitcoin donors to donate varying amounts, including small donations, opening up a new way to give for people who may be on limited budgets.

The Red Cross is thrilled to partner with BitPay to offer a different way for generous donors to support our humanitarian mission. We know from the contacts we had with the Bitcoin community that these are very bright, intelligent and passionate people who have a good sence of morality. The media had done us a disfavor of not portraying the truth about digital currency. Because of a lack of well-educated journalists in corporate media we ignored the Bitcoin and digital communities in the past. But I’m happy to announce that this will not be the case anymore,” said Jennifer Niyangoda, executive director of Corporate and Foundation Programs at American Red Cross. She continued by saying that “This gives a new generation of supporters the opportunity to help people in need.”

You can donate here.

red cross 2

The Red Cross is one of many that are accepting Bitcoin. Helping others is wonderful. How do you donate using Bitcoin?

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