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ChiliPhone allows you to make long distance calls with a phone, from your web browser, and for a lower price than your local phone provider. The kicker, they accept Bitcoin. In fact, they only accept Bitcoin.

“This is a service that lets you make cheap phone calls all around the world! You don’t need to download or install any software; you can call directly from your web browser!” – Chiliphone

Chiliphone allows anybody with a browser to make international calls without having a phone, downloading software, or a signing a contract. The process works similar to Skype and allows you call local and international mobile or home numbers.


To use the service, go to their webpage and enter the phone number you would like to call. A QR code will appear, which you can scan and send your Bitcoin payment. Before making a payment, you will also be shown what the call will cost per minute, and whether or not you already have any Bitcoin in your Chiliphone wallet. After payment, the call will begin a few seconds later.

If you have any left over Bitcoin after you finish your call, you can redeem them to your wallet without paying any fees. Chilliphone’s wallets exist for a month in your browser; when the month ends, the funds from the wallets will be automatically returned to the address you used to send Bitcoin to your Chilliphone wallets.

Chilliphone does require you have a headset connected to your computer and permission for the website to access it.

Crypto Articles’ writer, JP Buntinx, found that it was 70% cheaper than his local mobile provider. He tested the service and called his phone in Belgium.

“Do keep in mind my mobile provider is already one of the cheapest ones available in Belgium, which just goes to show how beneficial Chiliphone could be.” – Buntinx

If you are interested in the service and would like to give it try, you can do so by typing “echo test” in the box where where you would enter a phone number if you were making a normal call.


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