Chinese TechEntrepreneur Calls

Chinese Tech Entrepreneur Calls for Blockchain Solutions to Boost Data Protection

Chinese serial entrepreneur Steve Wei, founder of SkyVPN, is calling for blockchain solutions to boost Virtual Private Network (VPN) security.

Wei’s company allows its users to access the web by privately routing the connection through a remote server. He is claiming that VPN should now be decentralized having observed that those current centralized systems allow scrutiny of user data, app use, and browser history, infringing the privacy rights of the individual.

This sparked his imagination, considering  blockchain and the influence it could bring to bear, “Immediately I realized VPN should be decentralized and should leverage blockchain technology.” He argues that companies who promise high levels of privacy guarantee more than frequently don’t actually deliver this. He cites the “Facebook Research” project as one that has used a VPN app to collect and monitor user data such as web activities and app use.

Wei’s team have built a system TOP network which handles communication services such as messaging, calling, streaming, virtual private network, content delivery network (CDN), and IoT data sharing. The team is also responsible for an online phone call app Dingtone and an end-to-end encrypted messaging app CoverMe. The TOP network integrating all three projects including SkyVPN will launch in June.

Wei maintains that decentralization will strengthen VPN services making then less vulnerable to blocking or shutdowns; also data stored on a central database will always be prone to hacking:

“When the infrastructure is not decentralized enough, it could be vulnerable to not just cyberattacks but also powerful corporations and organizations gaining control of the software and operation.”


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