CoinAcademy: DigitalCurrency Education

CoinAcademy is a new digital currency education site through which you can learn more about bitcoin, and other altcoins in general. The site offers both original content, and curated collections of digital currency resources from all parts of the world. The main focus of CodeAcadmey though, is to spread knowledge on not only bitcoin, but all other currencies, to explain how they function, and how each one of them is unique, or at least it seems to be this way.

Co-founder of CoinAcademy Stephen Demeulnaere recently said:

“The sudden emergence of digital currencies, like Bitcoin, left the education and training market struggling to keep up. We found a number of good tutorials and interviews on the web, but we found a lot more poorly produced unprofessional pieces. Security is more critical with financial transactions than with other forms of data, and people simply need more information in order to make informed decisions.

Ric Shreves, another CoinAcademy co-founder also stated:

“Until the launch of Coin Academy, there was no single place people where could learn about digital currencies. Resources were scattered about, from YouTube, to Vimeo, to individual websites. It’s in everyone’s best interest that this information be easily available.”

Currently, there a few courses available, mainly in the curated collection which include bitcoin, nxtcoin, dogecoin, peercoin, and even ripple. All of these which have in some way had a big impact in the cryptocurrency community. Whether it was innovation or simply being a brand name, these tutorials are available, and from a preliminary look, they look to be quite interesting. At the time being, registration is required in order to access the courses. This, in order to keep track of your courses, and in order to have a more organized way of teaching the different courses to people.

It is definitely not something you see often, a website solely dedicated on cryptocurrency courses. Actually, not seen at all. It is definitely a unique idea, and one that could succeed. It would have been great to have learnt about cryptocurrency through courses such as the ones offered at CoinAcademy, but I think people will get a better grasp of the cryptocurrency world if they embark into it by themselves.

This is where I believe a flaw resides in CoinAcademy. To truly understand cryptocurrency, you must apply all that you have learnt by learning how the markets work. Simply knowing what each coin is, and what new technology it brings is not enough to justify knowing cryptocurrency in its entirety. If you are new to cryptocurrency, and just want a basic idea of what it is, and how it works, then CoinAcademy may be right for you. However, if you want to concentrate on market analysis, and actual trading, then entering immediately may be the right way to go.


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