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Interesting days are ahead for Bitcoin enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. Despite the difficulties Bitcoin businesses face when trying to secure UK banking partnerships, Coinbase has managed to expand its operations to the country. UK residents will also be able to buy, sell and trade bitcoin on the Coinbase Exchange.

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Coinbase in the UK: Lots of Options


United Kingdom residents will now be able to use Coinbase Wallet in order to send, receive and store their digital currency wealth. However, Coinbase Wallet includes an additional feature that most people don’t know about. The wallet also allows anyone to accept Bitcoin payments within minutes of registering an account. Make sure to check out Coinbase’s merchant tools if you are an online retailer!

Access to the Coinbase Exchange gives customers in the United Kingdom the option of easily purchasing Bitcoin — through an SEPA or regular wire transfer — bringing Bitcoin adoption in the UK has come one step closer to becoming a reality. Additionally, the Coinbase Exchange for UK customers will list three different currency trading pairs. UK customers will be able to trade Bitcoin for USD, EUR, and GBP.

But What About The United States?

Although Coinbase has expanded its operations into the UK, there are still several states in the US that do not have access to the company’s services due to state regulatory issues. Coinbase is still unavailable in states such as California. In the states where Coinbase Exchange can be used, customers only have the option of trading Bitcoin against USD, and not EUR or GBP.

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