Coinbase IntroducesNew Community

Coinbase has opened a new Community discussion site! Coinbase Community will be a particular kind of forum where Coinbase customers will be able to discuss important topics, open new debates, and spread knowledge to each other.

Much similar to a Forum

Forums are regarded as an ultimate tool when it comes to knowledge distribution, communication purposes or even Announcements and News reporting. Way before Satoshi mined the first block of Bitcoin, forums were already a tool for knowledge distribution between a growing community developing p2p technologies and “cryptocash”.

Nowadays, it is very coinbase_community_article_Bitcoinistcommon to find in every site or every community in the crypto currency ecosystem a special section dedicated to the community, commonly called forum. In fact, this is an area where, besides meeting with other people involved in the ecosystem you can also find a lot of new ideas and discuss several topics. Of course, you can also participate in Brainstorming groups, technical discussions, and many many more.

Following this growing tendency, Coinbase customer support team believes that with Coinbase community the company can help to generate a knowledge base for customers. And, can pass along new ideas, and new techniques thus giving the community a place where users meet and talk about important issues.

As stated at Coinbase Blog the team understands that this can provide an open communication channel between costumers and Coinbase employees.

“With this site we hope to generate a knowledge base where our customers can help out one another and also have closer communication with Coinbase employees.” was the chosen operator to power up the forum software for Coinbase Community. With this, it is expected that Coinbase Community integrates a lot of the usual key features used in most generalist forums. So it is seen that Coinbase Community will surely be replenished with all the key features such as Thread discussion, Up voting, quoting system, etc.

The team is including another excellent feature using its tipping system. Tip Button is to be introduced in their newest Coinbase Community grantincoinbase_community_article_cover_Bitcoinistg users the ability to send tips for their favorite content.

In the Blog announcement, the Coinbase support team advertises that Coinbase Community will be specially oriented for Consumers to have their wallets, for Merchants accepting Bitcoin and for Developers working in the ecosystem.

Extra support feature

With Coinbase Community consumers will have a place to tell their experiences and to have direct contact with the customer support team. Merchants will also have a place to expose their thoughts and to report their inconveniences; while developers will earn a spot in which they will be able to find other developers for different matters of discussion. They will also be able to expose ideas, strategies and concepts in an environment designed to connect both supporters and developers.

Having  this new agenda in sight, it seems that Coinbase is preparing the grounds to turn Coinbase Community in one of the top listed forums  with strong influence over the crypto currency ecosystem.

With this, Coinbase is most probably aiming to expand to new clients while using it as a responsive communication link with the customer’s support team.

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