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Coinify, the company that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin payments in next-day settlements, has entered into a partnership with PensoPay. PensoPay a service that enables free, instant settlements in a fraud-free and chargeback free Bitcoin payment environment.As a result of this partnership, PensoPay has become a Coinify Certified PSP Partner. 

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Coinify_news_Bitcoinist_cover-680x368In a press release, Coinify, announced,

“Effective as of March 15, 2015, the agreement entitles PensoPay the right to promote, advertise, and sell the Coinify Merchant Solution, enabling PensoPay’s Merchants to accept Bitcoin and get paid in any local currency with no risk, chargebacks, or fraud.”

Mark Højgaard, Coinify’s CEO, expressed his happiness over the new partnership with PensoPay, saying that agreement with PensoPay confirms the growing demand for tailored PSP solutions. He was delighted to see that the dedicated work on the platform is paying off. The plugin from the company allows merchants on platforms like Magento, WooComerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify to start accepting Bitcoin payments. However, the plugin is not limited to online stores; brick-and-mortar stores can also accept Bitcoin through the Coinify Point of Sale software.

Coinify Payment Service Partnership

Now that PensoPay, has become a certified PSP partner, it will act as an independent contractor. The partnership enables the company handle technical support and after-sales services. Similarly, under the agreement, Coinify will continue to strengthen its presence in both online and physical retail markets through PensoPay’s network. Thus, it is a win-win situation not just for the two companies, but Bitcoin as well, as it will be able to reach a new segment of customers.

Elaborating on this agreement, PensoPay CEO Ulrik Pilehave said,

“We are happy to announce that we have selected the Coinify Merchants Solution as PSP product for our digital currency payments. PensoPay can now offer all our international merchants a professional Bitcoin payment product. For us, it is very important that Coinify provides a solution that accepts Bitcoin on behalf of our merchants and that the merchant will receive local currencies. This means business as usual.”

Partnership to Take Bitcoin to the Broader Payment Space

The ‘Coinify Payment Service Partnership’ not only mitigates the general risk for Merchants, but also strengthens the implementation of digital currencies in the broader payment space. “We now follow the same setup as when you accept MasterCard or VISA, just with the benefits that are embedded in the Blockchain technology,” said Coinify’s CFO Christian Visti.

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