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Crypto-games is a leading online gambling casino that allows users to play dice, blackjack, slot, and lottery in a provably fair fashion. Players are not restricted to just using Bitcoin, and can also use Dogecoin, Litecoincoin, DASH, Peercoin, Gridcoin and even Gamecredits.

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Crypto-games offers a signup that takes seconds, due to users receiving a predetermined username. They also have the option to set later a password, and even enable Two-Factor authentication (2FA) for added security.Crypto-games

Crypto-games also offers some of the lowest fees, with instant deposits and the casino covering any withdrawal fees. Edge is also quite low, with dice having a 0.8% edge, and 1.24% and 1.25% for slot and blackjack respectively.

In seven different styles, users can play casino games on both the desktop and a smartphone, thanks to their mobile-friendly user interface. More in-house developed games are planned to launch in the coming future, giving users a wider choice of entertainment.

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 About Crypto-Games is an online gambling website offering four games – Dice, Blackjack, Slot and Lottery. Our main goal is to offering you to gamble online with virtual currencies safely and responsibly, and our mission is to be the leading digital entertainment company that anticipates market demands and delights our customers by offering smart, safe and fun virtual money games. Moreover, we aim to help as many people as possible to gamble for their own personal needs.

We launched on May 2014 with , our first website It was a slot machine game exclusively for Dogecoins. In August 2014 , we decided to offer other, more popular cryptucurrencies to gamble with, so we opened Soon after launch we add dice game, which we’re improving every day to offer best user experience. In September 2015 Blackjack game was added and in October lottery.

A little background about us: We’re a group of cryptocurrencies fans, who work in IT industries (Programmers and System engineers). We came along with bitcoin back in 2011 and found it very interesting. This leads to the establishment of


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