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Physical coins are an interesting addition to the digital aspect of Bitcoin. Whereas it is not possible to physically hold your Bitcoin balance, there is a way to give them a physical representation by funding physical coins with BTC. Many manufacturers have been creating coins over the past few years, and Crypto Vault has unveiled its limited edition 24K gold plated and 0.5oz .999 fine silver Vault Coins.

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Vault Coin: Cold Storage For Your Digital Wealth

Bitcoinist_Vault Coin SmallCrypto Vault entered the Bitcoin scene in March of 2015, when the young company announced its first product, “Vault Coin.” As the name suggests, Vault Coin is a physical coin that can be used to store Bitcoin, acting as a tamper-proof, cold storage wallet.

Vault Coin is not your average physical Bitcoin, as it looks nothing like most collectible coins on the market. By opting for a nickel and copper alloy, Crypto Vault has focused attention on security and cold storage, rather than aesthetics.  That being said, the vault Coin design itself is nothing to sneeze at, as it has the look and feel of an actual “vault,” rather than just a coin.

One of the major selling points of Vault Coin is the fact this cold storage solution is completely tamper-proof. Just like collectible physical coins, Vault Coin comes with a hologram to protect the wallet address and private key. Removing the hologram destroys the label and leaves the word “VOID” on the back of the coin. In doing so, there is no chance anyone can access the coin’s sensitive data.

This also brings forth another aspect of Crypto Vault compared to other physical coin offerings, as the user’s public and private keys are never broadcasted to the company. As it should be, the end user is in full control of all of the details and funds associated with their own coin. But rather than just limited the coin to a “Bitcoin-use only,” Vault Coin is crypto agnostic and can be used with any digital currency in existence.

Two New Limited Edition Coins

Bitcoinist_Crypto vault Ltd EditionUntil July 4, 2015, customers can pre-order Crypto Vault’s new limited edition coins. The reason for this pre-order system is to gauge interest in the new design and to determine how many coins of each type will need to be produced. There will be no additional coins of either type produced after the pre-order cut-off date, making both of these Vault Coins truly limited edition collector’s items.

In total, there are three different limited edition coins available. Up first, there is the 24k Gold Plated Vault Coin, with a user’s choice of labels. Up next is the 0.5oz .999 Fine Silver Vault Coin, with a user’s choice of labels. Last but not least, there is the Limited Edition Set containing one of each coin, which comes with one complimentary original Vault Coin. Shipping of any coin is included in the final sales price.

When asked about the reasoning behind these news designs, Crypto Vault told us that:

“We seek to give users a quality product at a reasonable price to securely store their cryptocurrencies offline. With crypto, you are your own bank and we offer analogue security for a digital world. Our original alloy Vault Coin fills this roll.  We always wanted to offer our customers the option of having a higher end product and we found that gold plated and solid silver coins fill that roll well.  We are offering for a limited time 24k Gold Plated and 0.5oz 99.999 fine silver coins for collectors as well as those that something nicer.”

Placing an order can be done through the official Crypto Vault website.

Will you be ordering any of the Vault Coins on the Crypto Vault website? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: BitcoinTalk

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