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For those unaware of what Cryptor Europe is, you must know what Cryptor Trust is and fortunately, the answer is quite simple. Cryptor Trust Inc. is a global investment group and think tank focused not only in bitcon, but any other crypto related assets. As of right now, Cryptor Trust is the first global investment group with a formal capital structure based on bitcoin without the need of a bank account. Another thing that makes Cryptor Trust unique is the fact that they only sell their shares for bitcoin which is unseen nowadays by a company seeking funds.

Cryptor Europe Inc. on the other hand is part of Cryptor Trust’s group and its main objective is to become a competitor in Europe’s bitcoin investment scene. Earlier this week, Cryptor Europe Inc. announced that they would be offering 25 million shares of common stock which would be sold in bitcoin and other major altcoins. The company is offering investors the following:

  • An instrument to use their bitcoin holdings wisely
  • The chance to have a stake in the most prominent emerging bitcoin 2.0 companies, and
  • Access to the world of investments.


Shares can already by purchased at a fixed price of 0.001 per share while the minimum investment stands at 0.05 btc. When we spoke to Geir Solem, Chairman at the Cryptor Europe Inc. Board of Directors, he had this to say in regards to the impact of Cryptor Europe in said continent:

“We see that the crises in the Western banking world will continue or get worse, specially in Europe, making investment via the traditional monetary system a riskier proposition. In the just launched prospectus for Cryptor Europe Inc. we have outlined the scenario we see for Europe which we think will create an opportunity to invest in emerging European crypto / blockchain companies for bargain prices.”

Geir Solem added:

“We would like to contribute to a trend where more companies use Bitcoin or other crypto currencies as their formal capital structure, I think then we will have contributed to a positive change going forward. Today is is easier to gamble with your money than make an investment, and that includes the US with Las Vegas. Our offering is not only for traditional investors, but also designed to open the financial world to a new class of investors, who can’t meet traditional requirements.”

Geir Solem definitely speaks with confidence in regards to the idea of Cryptor Europe. However, that may not translate into the company’s success. Remember, the price of the shares are not what is important, yet, we should consider the innovation brought by the company into the crypto community. As he speaks in regards to gambling being different when compared to investing, this could be considered as false. Every investment is a gamble, there is no fail-proof investment, and this should be considered when taking into consideration investing not only in a company, but any other stock or asset.

And so, Geir Solem concluded:

“Cryptor Europe Inc. gives investors the opportunity to invest in leading crypto  / blockchain companies in emerging trends in the industry. We believe this model is the right fit for those who want a stake in the future of the Bitcoin revolution. In a few years, using fiat currencies will be a sign that your are a laggard, as well as costly with all the high fees to be paid.”

There is no way of knowing whether or not Cryptor Europe does something to expand confidence into cryptocurrency. However, its good to know that they have a plan in mind which they want to execute. It remains to be seen how this translated into the real world, yet it should be an interesting journey for a new company. As of now. Fiat currency leads the way, and that is unlikely to change unless governments open their minds to the idea of decentralization. We are taking baby steps in order to achieve a greater goal.

Image Source: Cryptortrust

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