CryptoThrift Rebrandsto Bitify


To facilitate growth approaching mainstream adoption, registered company Cryptothrift based in Sydney Australia, has undergone rebranding to Bitify.

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BitifyThe changes occur after two years of successful operation as Cryptothrift. IN the meantime, Bitify has “achieved continual growth since it began trading two years ago, with over 200% growth in the past 12 months alone”. Bitify has grown from a bootstrapped project to an entire ecosystem that relies on Bitcoin and Litecoin and allows buyers to view listings for virtually anything.

“We have a great following of users and have solidified our position as the number one marketplace and auction site within the Bitcoin community.”

The name is quite simple and clever, potentially making a verb synonymous with a brand if it catches on. Instead of selling items for Bitcoin, users are “bitifying” their items.

“It is simple really. ‘bit,’ short for Bitcoin, ‘-ify’ to make it a verb. bitify – to turn into Bitcoin. It’s short, it’s memorable, it’s current.”

Currently, Bitify is working to transition into the brand from Cryptothrift. All existing links will automatically forward to the correct bitify ones, and same goes for email addresses. Support IRC channel has already changed to #bitify, but #cryptothrift will remain open for a year. Social media transitions are in the works already, and Bitify promises to update as necessary.

About Bitify

Bitify is marketplace and auction site allowing buyers and sellers to transact using Bitcoin. Trading for almost 2 years, the site boasts nearly 50,000 users and several thousand items listed for sale. Business is based in Sydney, Australia, and is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

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