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Draglet is based in Munich, and is one company that has come forward with a new set of options and adaptable plug-in tools to allow exchange-related businesses to run off a pre-manufactured backend system.

As bitcoin is becoming increasingly accepted, followed by new users and businesses coming into play everyday, the industry around cryptocurrency has been seeing an extraordinary growth. The digital currency market has dragged exchanges to be a part of the booming industry and the increasing needs of an ever-expanding environment along with the constant need of technological improvements have forced developers to come up with new and optimized solutions to bring the best experience and reliable services to their costumers. The company maintains and hosts the required platforms with a team of highly experienced professionals.

This is the first Exchange to offer hosted exchange technology services facilitating the use of a central exchange mechanism and secure wallet, expanded upon with multiple add-on options suited for the need of several business. Draglet’s Founders are confident in and ensure the quality and potential of their product as they believe it’s unique and pretty user friendly. Besides this, Draglet gives the user a chance to test their abilities as a trader. The company has developed trading software components and tested them with the help of over a thousand beta users. These tests have proven the stability and potential of the product earning lots of positive feedback.

Draglet’s exchange platform offers new features, with a particular specificity that allows their adjustment to any specific business case. The company has mounted specific options allowing every business to Start and manage their own cryptocurrency exchange without much efforts. The developer explains that this is achieved by customizing the software to specifically match a precise business case.


The exchange also has an efficient central technology, that unlike its competitors, all businesses running its exchange share the same interface, meaning that new clients with low orders are able to benefit from an active order book and increase liquidity, avoiding a problem which can often plague fledgling exchanges themselves. Draglet’s Founder, Benjamin Bommhardt explains that the open order book forms part of Draglet’s primary strategy to go straight forward and that it will be used as a leveraging tool to improve the liquidity and overall economy health.

One of the most welcoming features is the possibility of costumers being able to test the trading platform without any risk. The company regards this has part of their marketing and planning strategies.

The company, has really shown some remarkable new features and options. Draglet has presented bright new ideas and visionary concepts and was able to put them to work. As a leading innovative exchange for private costumers and businesses, Draglet seems to have a great future in the space.

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