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This article has been updated to clarify that this giveaway is for free virtual bitcoin debit cards, not plastic bitcoin debit cards.

E-Coin, a popular Bitcoin debit card provider, is having a holiday giveaway. Everyone who participates in this giveaway by submitting at least 10 gleam.io entries will receive an E-Coin virtual debit card for free.

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E-Coin Debit Card Giveaway

E-Coin giveawayGetting 10 entries should be easy enough, since E-Coin offers 20 different things you can do to earn a submission. A few tasks can even be completed more than once per day. These tasks include watching E-Coin related YouTube Videos, Tweeting about E-Coin on Twitter, visiting an E-Coin thread on BitcoinTalk, reading E-Coin articles, and promoting E-Coin on various social media sites.

E-Coin offers a pretty enticing suite of features with its debit card. In addition to the plastic and virtual Bitcoin debit cards, users have access to a Bitcoin wallet protected by multi-sig, ensuring the safety of their funds. The cards have no limits, which means that users can spend and execute ATM withdrawals as much as they want. All funds associated with an E-Coin card are protected by insurance; and lastly, users can manage the bitcoins in their E-Coin wallets with a mobile app.

Like most other Bitcoin debit cards, E-Coin has a partnership with a traditional credit card company, allowing users to spend with their Bitcoin debit cards anywhere that accepts regular debit and credit cards. That means you can use your E-Coin debit card for online and in-store shopping, and you can also link your card to your PayPal account.

Bitcoin debit cards are a useful tool for people who want to use bitcoin as an everyday currency in a world dominated by the traditional banking system. It is hard to find a place that actually accepts bitcoin by having a wallet that you can send coins to. Therefore, these debit cards offer an intermediary between traditional finance and the cutting-edge world of Bitcoin.

Thus, getting an E-Coin card for free is a pretty good deal. Again, all that is required to get one of these cards for free is to submit at least 10 entries by completing tasks on the company’s Gleam.io page. You can find the page here and submit your entries: Holiday E-Coin Giveaway

Unfortunately, as with most Bitcoin debit cards, the E-Coin cards are not available in the United States.

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