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The Blockchain Tech Ltd group (BTL) is a technology company focused on developing blockchain technologies to disrupt and transform the existing industries. The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and develops in-house technology. It specializes in providing support and funding to new blockchain-based projects through the company’s incubator and accelerator programs.

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BTL_Interview_midimage_BitcoinistThe company’s first technology platform is a remittance business called Interbit. Interbit focuses on leveraging blockchain technology to create a fast and cost effective “cash-in cash-out” settlement solution between the United Kingdom and other target countries.

A few days ago the BTL Group Ltd announced its successful listing on the Venture Board of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV: BTL). In addition to the listing, BTL has raised $2,000,000 CAD to invest in advancing its core, proprietary blockchain technology as well.

The BTL Group will be a catalyst for changing how the global economy operates — and BTL is at the pulse of this international FinTech movement. As a key game-changer, the organization looks to pro
mote the development of blockchain technologies through in-house development and investments in early stage start-ups.

Organizations such as the BTL Group are incentivizing a new round of startup companies who will bring new developments that are going to disrupt the financial landscape of today and overcome the challenges of tomorrow. To know more about the BTL’s Group goals and projects, Bitcoinist had a conversation with the company’s Founder and CEO, Guy Halford-Thompson.


Bitcoinist: Can you start by giving us a small insight on the Company’s history?

BTL_Interview_Guy_image_BitcoinistGuy: BTL was founded by me and my brother Hugh Halford-Thompson, who is also behind a bitcoin brokerage firm, Quickbitcoin. We worked hard to help bring one of the first bitcoin ATMs to London in April 2014. BTL is incorporated under the laws of the Isle of Man and is focused on investing in and building companies developing new apps to leverage the blockchain technology and to transform the existing industries. Our goal has been centered in helping new companies and new projects get funded.

Bitcoinist: Can you comment on the company “modus operandi,” and how can early-stage companies get funded by the BTL Group? What are the requirements?

Guy: Companies in the blockchain space who are looking for funding should contact us directly, providing a summary of what their company is doing.  We are open to all applications but are specifically targeting companies with developed business plans, which complement BTLs existing core platforms.

Bitcoinist: What can you tell us on the latest round of investment BTL has gathered?

Guy: The $2mCAD that we have raised represents a milestone for blockchain technology and emphasizes the confidence of investors in this space.

Bitcoinist: We would like you to comment about the listing on the Venture Board of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV: BTL)?

Guy: We are very excited to be listed on the TSXV, a highly reputed exchange.  This listing provides BTL with access to public markets and capital that is not available in the private sector, and as the first blockchain company to be listed on the TSXV, it is a milestone for Blockchain technology.

Bitcoinist: What can you tell us about the BTL Group proprietary blockchain technology?

Guy: BTL is developing proprietary technology both for its remittance platform and its digital asset management platform.

Bitcoinist: How do you see the Blockchain influence on the future of the global economy and what’s your take on the future of the Blockchain and the FinTech movement?

Guy: I believe that Blockchain technology will have a significant influence on all areas of business, both financial and non-financial.  BTL is positioning itself to provide enterprise level blockchain solutions for companies looking to take advantage of blockchain technology across all sectors of industry.


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