Exclusive Interviewwith MiningContracts.com:

In the world of cryptocurrency, many crypto’s use POW to secure their blockchain. This requires miners. Usually miners are hot, noisy, and use a lot of electricity. That’s where cloud mining (or hashing) comes in. But from one solution comes another problem. Which cloud mining company do I go for? And that’s where MiningContracts.com comes in.

mining 1. History of Development?

   MiningContracts.com was born from
the frustration that one of our team members experienced while researching the many different options available      for cloud mining contracts. There’s a lot of cloud mining companies out there, but tracking what each one of them offers individually is unnecessarily    difficult.

We decided to combine our respective mining and web development experience to build a unique, unbiased service that the cryptocurrency community could rely on to make easier, smarter, and more transparent cloud mining decisions. We built it with the mentality “What features would we want in such a service?”

2. Current Status?

We officially launched MiningContracts.com earlier this month. The growing number of companies in this space has allowed us to add 1-2 new cloud mining companies to our site every week. We will continue to add cloud mining companies, with the goal of eventually having all cloud mining companies and contracts listed.

3. Future Development plans?mining-and-contract-color2

We are a very methodical group and decided to first start with just reviews. There are some other pretty ambitious features we have planned for MiningContracts.com, but would first like to get our other two services (HostedMining.com and MiningHardware.com) fully functional.

4. Instead of making your own cloudhashing service you rated others. Why?

After spending countless hours researching pretty much all cloud mining companies out there, it quickly became obvious that the barriers to entry is already too high to compete with the current leaders in this space.Additionally, our group’s strengths lie in business development, programming, and small-scale mining, so combining our strengths to build a service that further advances the cryptocurrency mining industry was a win-win for all.

5. What methodology is used to rate other services?


The methodology we use to rate services on our website is based on a fundamental concept to cryptocurrencies – Decentralization. We are huge fans of blockchain technologies and prefer to incorporate those same philosophies into everything we build.We suggest you never trust one person/source to base your decisions on, instead, scrutinize the facts and seek community consensus; MiningContracts.com just provides the platform to present the facts and allow everyone to voice their experiences and formulate the community consensus.

6. As your website says no referral links, honest opinions, etc. where does your revenue come from?


MiningContracts.com isn’t necessarily a “revenue-oriented” venture. We’re in this for the long-term and just want to build great services that people will want to use. Since we are developers, we built the website ourselves and don’t mind paying out of pocket for hosting. Cryptocurrency mining is something we are passionate about, so updating and growing this service is viewed as “fun” rather than “work”.

Website Info and more:

Photo Source : MiningContract website and from Client                                                     Twitter: https://twitter.com/miningcontracts                                                                                 Website: http://miningcontracts.com/


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