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Exclusive Launch Interview with Betmoose: User-Driven Betting Exchange

Looking for money and have a hunch? We’re not advocating betting, but maybe that’s your calling. After I got a quick response from Lucky House Writing, Betmoose also sent me a reply (with some detailed answers, so expect a long one) and accepted the chance for an interview.

Betmoose is a company that lives in the cloud, with a team based out in Canada. Adam (assumedly CEO/founder, did not state), is from a Fortune 500 company while the rest of his team comes from other startups. They run out of their own pocket, but have some backing from a private investor.

As said Betmoose allows users to make bets on about anything. For example one very popular bet that’s going on right now is if Ghash will hit 51% again by the end of this month, with .155 BTC voting yes and .208 BTC voting no.

Here’s a blurb about their very recent launch and development:

BetMoose was originally conceived late last year as something new and different for the bitcoin economy .We felt we needed to create a social and rewarding platform for the people that got it right. Our initial team had 3 people working on BetMoose as a weekend project, which grew to the 6 we have now, some of us focusing on it full-time. We’ve been running smooth without suffering any downtime, so hopefully our luck (and skill!) continues. We’ve launched publicly this week.

And like good companies, are constantly in development according to Betmoose:

BetMoose is actively in development; we have a strong sense of continuous improvement within our team and we are continuing to build it out. Focus areas are to make it more social, more dynamic, and more relevant. We post daily updates to our subreddit; /r/betmoose and our official bitcointalk thread.

When asked about their take on Bitcoin in regards of paying employee’s and other services as well as the cryptocurrency, I was returned with positive vibes:

               Supporting Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies soon!) was integral to our design. They give us an advantage in terms of the business framework (registration, legal, incorporation costs, no physical bank, etc), in addition to the flexibility of accepting anonymous bets from anywhere in the world, instantly. It also allows us to execute our unique ‘hosts get paid’ model, which makes sending small, or large amounts almost free.

And it seems we have a fellow bitcoinist:

 We HODL it all! Well, most of it anyway, we still need to convert to fiat to pay for certain things like cloudflare for our site, which doesn’t accept bitcoin unfortunately. We really believe in Bitcoin here at BetMoose, and are dedicated to its growing economy. In fact, part of the reason of making our site user-friendly and extremely accessible has to do with our goal and focus on driving bitcoin adoption, a place of entry for new users.

Betmoose with their ease of use and very customizable options allow the user/ “prophet” to customize or select bets with ease. Real money can be made, with real events. If you’re feeling lucky, check them out here!



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