Exclusive Q&Awith DC

Point-of-Sale solutions that facilitate bitcoin transactions with over-the counter businesses.

Bitcoinist.net recently had a Q&A with DC POS  to discuss their new point-of-sale system.

[quote]”We expect to have thousands of merchants accepting bitcoin with DC POS by the end of calendar 2014″[/quote]

Q: How did DC POS come about? 
Our Managing Director and founder Mike Nelson wanted to do something positive to accelerate Bitcoin adoption. He realized that Bitcoin needs to move from a speculative economy to a transactive one. Mike thought about the barriers that might prevent bricks and mortar businesses, and set about building a business system that made accepting bitcoin simple, fast and secure.

Q: What is the company’s vision for DC POS? 
We see DC POS as becoming the most recognized and trusted brand for over-the-counter bitcoin acceptance. We aim to achieve this by listening to our merchants, developing a constantly evolving feature set, and by utilising quality system processes in our design, deployment and security.


Q: Roughly, how many retailers worldwide use DC POS?

Since our launch less than a month ago, we have attracted hundreds of new merchants, with double digit growth in both merchant numbers and transaction volume every week.

Q: What is your expected growth this year?

We are in the process of translating our website and the application into several languages, so the growth that a truly international service will bring will be very, very exciting. We expect to have thousands of merchants accepting bitcoin with DC POS by the end of calendar 2014.

Q: How are you different than other POS systems?

Our key point of difference is freedom of choice. With DC POS you have a choice of online wallet providers and payment processors. Our merchants can choose which rate provider determines the calculation from their national currency to bitcoin. Depending upon which payment processor is selected, DC POS enables dollar – for dollar intra day hedging, which means that is you sell a coffee for 3 dollars (or pesos, or euros…) then you get 3 dollars in your bank account if you choose to remit to traditional currency immediately. DC POS is a rigorously documented, security audited, and extensively tested product. DC POS is leading the industry in best practice business systems, with alignment to international standards for quality and security.

DC POS is platform agnostic, and the user interface is as beautiful as it is easy to use.

DC POS can be contacted at info@dcpos.com, or by Telephone on +613 9005 6512.

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