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Depending on how people want to look at things, the financial sector is in need of a revamp or works fine the way it is right now. While it seems clear to most Bitcoin users how the financial sector needs to be disrupted sooner rather than later, landing a job as finance manager is still the number two most popular job choice. At the same time, the number of jobs in the Bitcoin world keeps growing month over month.

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Finance Manager Remains A Popular Job

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Contrary to popular belief, landing a job in traditional finance is still at the top of the priority list for a lot of people. As more and more consumers start to worry about the future of finances, combined with the growing number of millennials looking for investment advice, there are plenty of opportunities for aspiring finance managers in the near future.

With close to 2,700 job openings available around the world, today, Europe and North America are the places where finance manager roles will need to be filled in the near future. But do not discount Asia and Australia as well, as there are opportunities to be found there as well. Do keep in mind the job of finance manager comes with a lot of responsibilities as well.

One of those responsibilities includes how every future finance manager will have to be aware of regulation in countries around the world.  As most people are aware, no two countries are alike in the financial ecosystem, and in some cases, every individual state has their own regulations and requirements.

Many people are drawn to the traditional financial world because of its high salary. Based on numbers provided by Telegraph UK, the average base salary for a finance manager is GBP 55,000. Do keep in mind this number will go up as employees gain more experience in their job. Seniority always leads to high annual salaries, and the financial sector is no exception.

Any company large enough to have a financial department of their own will need a finance manager at some point along the way. With new businesses and startups popping up all over the world, this is one of the job sectors where there will always be a  demand for a finance manager. Plus, this is one of the few jobs that is less susceptible to economic peaks and offers a clear line of progression.

Bitcoin Job Industry Provides Viable Alternatives

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For job seekers who have a strong passion for finance, the Bitcoin industry offers plenty of jobs as well. It should come as no surprise the Bitcoin world is not even ranked in the top 25 of popular job openings around the world. However, with the blockchain technology gaining more interest from financial players, that mind shift could only be a matter of time.

Based on the job listings posted on Angellist, there is no shortage of Bitcoin jobs. Interested parties can even sign up to get a weekly newsletter filled with Bitcoin Startup Jobs. Most of these companies are looking for developers and marketers, but there is always room for those with knowledge of the financial ecosystem.

What are your thoughts on finance manager remaining a top three job in the world today? How will Bitcoin affect this situation? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Telegraph UK

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