First GlobalCredit Appoints

First Global Credit, the world’s first Finance Company 100% focused on digital currency products, has appointed Jon Matonis as a Non-Executive Director. Announcing the appointment, Gavin Smith, Chief Executive and Founding Director of First Global Credit said that he is delighted to welcome Jon to the Board.

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Bitcoin Foundation BitcoinistGavin Smith said, “We have found we share a mutual vision for both the future of Bitcoin and how First Global Credit will fit into that ecosystem. Jon’s comprehensive knowledge and connections within the Bitcoin community will be extremely beneficial to the growth and development of the business.” First Global Credit is the first company where investors can trade stocks, commodities, and ETFs using Bitcoin as margin collateral.

Reacting to the appointment as a Non-Executive Director, Jon Matonis said that the Bitcoin market is at a pivotal stage in its development. Having been adopted as a transaction currency by many, the next necessary step in Bitcoin’s evolution is to prove itself as a true investment vehicle, an instrument with a fully functioning Capital Market. Responding to the question about his role in First Global Credit, Jon Matonis said:

“First Global Credit is a visionary business and has been one of the first to bring to market services that allow the use of Bitcoin as a unit of investment, I am looking forward to helping First Global take this vision to the next level.”

Who is Jon Matonis?

From being a former Forex dealer for Visa, CEO of HushMail, director of financial services at VeriSign to become one of the founding board directors of the Bitcoin Foundation, Jon Matonis has come long way in his career. His diverse work experience blends the world of security, financial services, and crypto technology. Apart from holding various positions in various multinational organizations, Matonis is also a recognized public speaker and activist.

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