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The Inside Bitcoins conference is coming to Seoul, South Korea on December 9-11, 2015, and San Diego, California on December 14-16, 2015. One individual who will be speaking at the events will be Hans Lombardo of allcoinnews.com on the subject of Bitcoin and small business. Lombardo has 16 years of experience with disruptive technologies and uses his knowledge to run the news publication he co-founded amongst his many projects. The media outlet provides editorials featuring decentralized tech, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Lombardo is also a regular panel speaker at Bitcoin conferences and financial tech events.

I see blockchain tech becoming the framework for financial systems and possibly legal systems,” — Hans Lombardo, Allcoinnews, Merkletree.io

Hans_LombardoBitcoinist got together with Hans Lombardo to chat about his work at Allcoinnews and his other project Merkletree. He gives us some input on how he got involved with the crypto-space and his opinions on subjects like the block size debate. Lombardo will be speaking at both Blockchain Agenda events in Seoul and San Diego.

Bitcoinist: What prompted you to create AllCoinsNews.com?

Hans Lombardo (HL): Two years ago my old boss Alan Meckler invited me to a bitcoin event. I was totally sold on the concept.

Bitcoinist: Can you explain to our readers what Merkletree.io is?

HL: Merkletree.io is a platform that tracks regulatory developments in the Bitcoin Ecosystem and blockchain technology.

Bitcoinist: You are speaking at the Inside Bitcoin’s conference what will your discussion entail?

HL: I am involved in a panel discussion on how blockchain can help small business.

What I think about is how bitcoin can help so many people in the developing world, particularly the globally unbanked.”

allcoinsnewslogo1-e1418363847989Bitcoinist: How do you feel about the current smearing of Bitcoin and Encryption by political leaders?

HL: Some leaders lack understanding of what bitcoin is. They don’t get it so they ridicule it. Government agencies don’t like encryption because it stops them from doing their job. They don’t think an important aspect is that citizens have a right to encryption. You have a right to keep your data private and no government can tell you otherwise.

Bitcoinist: How do you feel about the current state of cryptocurrency in general?

merkleHL: The sector has taken it knocks. Certainly the use cryptocurrency by terrorists and criminals does not help. Scandals like Mt Gox and Silk Road do not help. Some bitcoin proponents who bash other currencies or coins do not help. But we move on and rock and roll.

Bitcoinist: What is your opinion concerning the Block Size Debate?

HL: The debate has become personal and petty, and is not helping the community. Core developers trashing Bitcoin XT,  Mike Hearn and other BIPs on Twitter. How is that helpful? There does appear to be some conflict of interest. Maybe BIP101 is not the right strategy but the block size needs to be increased. The people that oppose block size increase want to keep bitcoin on the fringe… and not mainstream.

Bitcoinist: Where do you see cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology 20 years from now?

HL: I see blockchain tech becoming the framework for financial systems and possibly legal systems like smart contracts, property registration, IP protection, notarization, etc.

Bitcoinist: What do you expect blockchain technologies will do to current financial incumbents?

HL: I believe that blockchain technology will change the financial world. The incumbents know this, and that is why they are investing in it and engaging in R&D like the 25 banks partnering with R3. What I think about is how bitcoin can help so many people in the developing world, particularly the globally unbanked.

Thank you Hans, for speaking with us and we look forward to your discussion on Bitcoin and small businesses.

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