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Want to try your hand at making some money on the Brazil World Cup? Check out Bitkup. When I contacted Gus, a person over at Bitkup and asked him why Bitkup was created he said (note due to a language barrier, text may be slightly inaccurate due to translation):

Brazilians and Spaniards are passionate about football and technology, so we created Bitkup with the main objective of disseminating Bitcoin enthusiasts and the provide the currency; also, its fun and I wanted to try my luck with predictions for the World Cup Brazil 2014.

As more time passes by, Gus says that Bitkup will add other sports and teams, and that the fee charged will drop significantly.

After the World Cup we will add other sports and local football leagues. Also the rate is 20% per play (0.01) today will fall significantly.

And here’s a little bit on how to play:

In order to compete and play for the accumulated Bitcoin prize you must place a sole bet of 0.05 BTC which will enable you to play for the entire period of the World Cup. You can place the bet after the World Cup has started, but the points you won before the payment, will be ignored. Make your bet paying 0.05 BTC and run for the prize!

On top of that, they are sticking true to transparency like a good bitcoin follower should:

Furthermore, we wish to transmit transparency to our players and for this reason you will always be able to see the predictions of the other users, and also check the balance of our Bitcoin wallet.
When asked why Bitkup uses Bitcoin they responded positively:
We are passionate about freedom and Bitcoin gives us everything we want, while  keeping freedom and anonymity. Our system is fully auditable and also anonymous.
Bitkup is already running now, but it’s not too late. If your a soccer/football fan, check them out here!

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