Interview withDaniel Winters

The Tax Man Cometh

Daniel Winters of Global Tax, LLC sits down to talk with Scott of Bitcoinist about basic US tax rules for Bitcoin. He is knowledgeable from everything like corporate tax to personal income tax.
Daniel has been consulting many people and businesses in the Bitcoin ecosystem as well as recently giving a presentation at the Bitcoin Center in NYC.

Daniel was a significant presence at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami where we were able to interview him.

Bitcoinist is kicking off our weekly Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tax series with Daniel and Drew Cordell.  Daniel will go over relevant information and give guidance on Bitcoin and taxes.   He will also answer questions submitted to the comments sections in each article.

Taxation and the regulations around Bitcoin is new ground for most people in the industry and Daniel’s insight will be very helpful.  Bitcoin price and volatility are major factors on how you claim losses or gains from your mining, trading or receipt of Bitcoin income.  Daniel clears up many of the accounting steps needed to properly file your tax return.  Daniel and Global Tax also are able to answer questions for businesses small and large about how to account for their Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency income.

What subjects would you like to see Daniel address?  What are your concerns with tax filing or proper accounting procedures?

Submit your Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency questions below in our comments section for Daniel to answer in our weekly series with him on taxes.

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