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When I talked to David last year, partnerships were on the distant horizon. Now, Digital Currency Labs and Arterran Renewables are striking up a deal, which will benefit both parties greatly. Bitcoinist talked to both David and Ron from Digital Currency Labs regarding this partnership.

Who is Digital Currency Labs?

Digital Currency Labs is a financial technology and strategic advisory company whose mission is to bridge the gap between the emerging world of digital currencies and Wall Street. DCL started in 2013 when we came to realize that the vast majority of former clients and colleagues on Wall Street and in financial technology were confronting growing questions about the world of digital currencies, the risks involved with them, and ultimately what value this field could bring to themselves and their clients. Current clients consist of global hedge funds and institutional investors, broker-dealers, venture capital firms and technology start-ups.

ron_dclHow is DCL working to bridge the Gap between crypto & Wall Street?

We bridge this gap for clients and the marketplace using products and services from our three divisions: FinTech, Data Services, and Special Projects. Within these divisions, we have offerings that include custom technology development, support, and implementation; data feed creation and distribution, market research and market share reports,, etc.. Over the past six months, we have launched an institutional level Bitcoin volatility index data feed, working with our strategic partners at Emercor Management. We are also working with Arterran Renewables to launch a biofuel backed alt-coin, which is generating significant interest in the commodities and energy space. Our plan over the coming year is to not only continue to roll out new and innovative products to the marketplace, but to also continue to educate financial markets as well as other market sectors about the value of digital currencies, and how blockchain technology will reinvent many industries in more efficient and cost-effective ways.

What is Finance 2.0?

“Finance 2.0” is a designation that Digital Currency Labs has been using to describe what we see as the future of global financial markets. The ability to operate using blockchain technology and create trustless counterparty interactions on a global scale will reinvent how many long standing industries operate. Finance 2.0 is the reinvention of capital allocation and movement on a global scale, and Digital Currency Labs is at the forefront of this positive global shift.

Can you elaborate more on DCL’s recent press release & partnership with Arterran Renewables?

Of course. The partnership with Arterran Renewables represents another phase in our multi-year plan to bring digital currency technology and capabilities to areas of the marketplace that are ripe for disruption. Arterran Renewables is a very valuable strategic partner. They are not only innovators in the renewable energy space, but also thought leaders in how financial markets and technology tools can be used to clean up the environment and enable economic progress. A digital currency, backed by green energy, will be the future of how renewable energy capabilities are developed, launched and sold, and will go a long way towards fulfilling global environmental goals. We look forward to a very successful partnerships with Arterran and will have further news about how the space progressed over the coming months.

What DCL is trying to achieve by bringing crypto to Wall Street isn’t going to happen over night. It’s going to take strategic partnerships like the one forged between DCL and Arterran Renewables. With the recent news surrounding Coinbase and the Winklevoss Twins, Bitcoin is inching its way towards wall street and mass adoption.

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